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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>christianyog</b></div><div>The young guys did very well yesterday, congrats to Samberg for his first NHL assist! Honestly I think Samberg played better than Stanley, he didnt really cause too many turnovers either. Stanley is trade bait at this point. Yes, he brings size to our team, but he causes too many turnover which results in goals.

Chisholm didn't do terrible either, especially in that third period. Was able to prevent offside a couple of times and had some high-quality scoring chances.

Perfetti also keeps getting better. While playing with Dub and Connor, he's lethal. Loved watching him last night. I think he biggest asset is his hockey IQ as he's making all the smart decisions with the puck.

Though I would like Harkins to be in the lineup and replace Ves. I believe Ves should be traded at this point, he's struggled to find his footing in Winnipeg. He could definitely thrive on a team with not much forward depth.

Another scenario that could happen is trade Wheeler for a player with a cheap contract. Probably would make room for Dubois to sign an extension with us.

Overall, I think yesterday we played one of our best games this season. I wasn't there for the first and second periods but the goals that Copp scored looked nasty, especially that sharp angle goal.</div></div>

Wheels wont be moved. Don't even try and wish...lol

I like Ves for his body size...I can see him developing fine beside Lowry. What I would like to do is trade Stanley for some picks as we need those right now.
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