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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dzmets</b></div><div>Montour doesn't hold very much value. His underlying numbers are terrible. Anderson and Montour are nearly equal in value so you are paying very little for him being included. At the end of the day I do not see Columbus going for this deal as they are stacked at D and Montour adds nothing to their team so I believe they would be looking for different pieces coming their way. And again this would not be my top choice for offseason plans for 2C on the Sabres. I can think of probably 20 other options I would much rather explore. However you cannot force a UFA to sign here and you cannot force another team to trade with you. So if all other options fail at bringing in someone outside of the organization for 2C this year, I feel our odds are better having Wennberg in that role to start the season then they would be with what we have inside the organization. Thus increasing the odds that we are better and increasing the odds that we make Jack and the rest of our players who are tired of constantly losing happy.</div></div>

If the best we can do is sell low on a top4 defenseman,
to get a guy coming off a season where when he played he was horrible &amp; missed most of the year, PLUS we have to take a bottom6 cap dump, and then play that guy at 2C, hoping somehow he can recreate his ONE good season from 4 years ago, even though he’s obviously shown he’s not that player over the 3 most recent seasons since...
then our GM failed
and so will our team

Even you said there’s 20 other options you’d prefer...
It’s an absolute garbage trade
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dzmets</b></div><div>He had three straight years on a 45 plus point per 82 game pace which is not great for a second line center but 8a above league average. His underlying stats XGA, XGA, PDO, point shares were well above average those seasons and the last couple of years his counting stats are down but the underlying numbers are at least average. These numbers make it reasonable to project given a 2C role with wingers like Skinner and Reino is that he should give 40 -45 points and if he takes a step forward 45 - 55 points. Not elite but certainly a drastic upgrade over what the Sabres have had since Oreilly left and he offers positive defensive impacts. I think it is much more reasonable to expect that from him than it would be from Mitts or Cozens. Again he is not my top choice but if you cannot get a UFA to sign here and there is nothing better available via trade or trade is too cost prohibitive then I think this is a better option than what we have inside the organization at this time.</div></div>

And when it doesn’t work, we’re stuck with him &amp; his Cap hit preventing us from using that $$$ much better next offseason

Just bc an idea might be better than what we’ve had (which i don’t believe is true obviously), doesn’t mean it’s a GOOD IDEA

If our hopes are pinned to Wennberg,
then Jack is likely asking out

Now... if it’s right before training camp... and we haven’t figured anything else at all out... then, and ONLY then, would i even slightly entertain the idea of bringing him in
But i sure as hell am not giving up Montour to get him
They are PAYING US to take him
And if that payment is Anderson, then maybe we add a pick or medium grade prospect
Montour should be used to get a sure fire top6 guy