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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Affectionate_Side_64</b></div><div>What do you think of the trade? I'm not oblivious to the value Gibson still has so I'm interested to hear your thoughts.</div></div>

On the one hand, I've heard Soups is a locker room beauty, which is good for a rebuilding team. Anaheim also has a proven track record of reclaiming project goalies. It's possible in a tandem role, he could be rehabbed so that he deal isn't completely attrocious.

Broberg is the main temptation in the deal, and based on his draft profile, could be a great long term partner for Drysdale with his size and defensive abilities. That's attractive in spite of the potential to clog the left side of the D for Anaheim extensive list of high end prospects for that position. I can also see potentially the road to the top 4 being blocked for Broberg in Edmonton with the addition of Ekholm who plays amazingly well with Bouchard, and then Nurse.

I really don't like the idea of retaining on Gibsons salary, though it's minimal, I'd rather take some other cap back the other way to make it work, but that's honestly a minor hiccup.

The biggest hurtle will be the trade protection that both goalies have. Gibson is widely believed to have all of Canada on his 10 team list, and Campbell likely doesn't go to Anaheim willingly, though he's at least lived in the area before.

If hate to see Gibson on a division rival, but this trade would benefit Anaheims future too much to pass up, and if Gibson really wants a shot at a cup, it would be hard to argue that a team like Edmonton who seems to only be a goalie away from getting over the hill.

And having a tandem of Campbell Stalock would make for a very entertaining season as the boys both play very old school with bendy Vaughn pads. As someone who watches goalies, I at least wouldn't be bored.
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