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3 juill. 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jco5ta5</b></div><div>But seriously, a couple points....

Someone brought to my attention that Borgstrom would have to clear waivers to be sent to AHL and someone would claim him. He's gonna be on the roster. I don't know if Caleb Jones is anything more than a 5-7D man on this team, let alone LD1. Beaudin and Mitchell are likely starting in the AHL with Kalynuk and Stillman up with the club. And there is no way Hawks scratch De Haan. In my opinion, he's our LD1 right now unless they pair McCabe with Jones but McCabe-Murphy has hockey pundits salivating. De Haan is a stay at home Dman and is a seasoned veteran. His presence on the first line likely frees up Jones from as much defensive responsibility if he had a different partner and allows him to be more offensively minded which is why they picked him up.</div></div>

Correct on Borgstrom. He'll be on the roster. Someone will certainly claim him. I'd put Kalynuk on the #1LD and DeHaan as the #3RD with Stillman. Caleb Jones is a pure mystery. Hawks fans don't even think he's in their top 25 under 25, BUT EDM just last year had him at #6...and McDavid is still in that list! IDK if anyone knows what we have with him yet. I have him as a healthy scratch, BUT if he gets a shot...it'll be the #1LD because he and Kalynuk are such good skaters. DeHaan should stay #3RD imo to help develop Stillman. Zero shame in trying to develop a 2nd shutdown pair especially considering how many shots they've allowed the past two years.
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