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Like to think I can fix any team !!! LOL
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Zwui21</b></div><div>1) Vas won't be signed to a 8 years contract and won't get 10M AAV. Expect his AAV to be in the 7.2-8M ballpark.
2) Killorn M-NTC will kick in July 1st 2020, he'll be traded to free up 4.45M.
3) No way in hell we'd sign Joseph to a 3.2M contract. He can be a useful player, but he's not worth that kind of money on a bridge. He's the most expendable and replaceable of the 2020 RFAs, if needed we'll move him in exchange of some draft picks/prospects. We got plenty of ELC, middle six talent coming up from Syracuse.
4) Cirelli will get that kind of AAV only if this season he goes over 65 points, otherwise he'll be way cheaper, in the 3.6-3.9M ballpark. Even if he goes nuts this upcoming season I don't see him getting more than 4.5M. Lucky for us he's in his contract year and contrary to Point even if he goes crazy he won't have another good productive season to back his asks up.
5) Paquette is a 4th line center. Anywhere over 1.5M is likely gonna be a no-go for BriseBois. 2.75M would be a moronic number to pay for him. Also, we won't sign him to more than a 2 years, as the pipelines from Syracuse are getting hot. If his asks are that high he'll be traded and replaced by Verhaeghe. If not he'll be signed to a 2 years contract and probably moved next summer.
6) If Palat craps the bed this season too, expect BriseBois to ask him to waive his NTC next summer.</div></div>

So with those comments I went back and followed your plan.. you can fit them under the cap but just by a bit.. if any salaries come in higher there would need to be more subtractions
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