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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>No...

Jesus. Does literally no one know anything about this team? It's been pretty blatantly stated for multiple weeks now what the likely lines will be.

Kaprizov - Hartman - Zuccarello
Greenway/Jost - Eriksson-Ek - Foligno
Gaudreau - Rossi/Steel - Boldy
Dewar - Jost/Steel - Duhaime

Brodin - Spurgeon
Middleton - Dumba
Goligoski - Merrill/Addison

Fluery - Gustavsson

1) Greenway and Merrill are only expected to miss the first 5-10 games or so.

While they're out. Jost is already been stated that he'll get slotted into Greenway's spot on the Eriksson-Ek/Foligno line and Addison likely fills in for Merrill.

2) If Rossi makes the team. It's going to be at center, because he's a damn centerman. He won't be playing wing. And he won't be on the team if he can't beat out Steel for the 3rd line center spot either.

3) Gaudreau is expected to play wing this year because they want to give either Rossi or Steel a shot at the 3rd line center spot next to Boldy.

4) Evason stated before training camp that they planned to play Brodin and Spurgeon together on the top pairing so they can go against other teams high-end, speedier type players. While Middleton and Dumba would be paired to play against other teams bigger/grittier lines on the 2nd pairing.

5) Why the f**k would Addison play his offside? He's a right handed shot RD, they NEVER play well on their off-hand side. You can get away with that sh*t with left-handed defenseman but never righty's.

Furthermore, Goligoski is fully capable of playing his natural left-handed side. Same for Merrill when he comes back. Both are capable of playing either side.

Addison does not.

A little knowledge goes a long way. Even a cursory Google search would tell anyone what I said here.

I get that neither of you are fans of the team. But a simple quick 20 second search would have at least allowed you guys to have an idea of what you're talking about.</div></div>

I'm curious if the Brodin/Spurgeon pairing will actually stick this time. They've tried them before and the problem usually ends up being Brodin covers a lot of Dumba's mistakes so they end up going back to that pair. Middleton/Spurgeon worked out pretty well so it's entirely feasible they go back to those 2 pairings if Middleton/Dumba doesn't work out.
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