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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Subbanator7667</b></div><div>And you don't think teams trade first rounders for guys who aren't worth them? Look at every trade deadline and you can find guys who go for prices more then they're worth. Like come on Dubas gave up a first + for Foligno last year and yet people still think first round picks are like some golden ticket on here. Savard got a first plus, a 34 year old Rick Nash got a first, Tatar got three picks for Christ sakes lol

I'm still going to trust the guys who have actual contacts inside front offices to know what the asking prices are over a keyboard warrior leafs fan who let's his bias shine on every post a Habs fan does that trades Chairot for a first, because that's literally what's being reported by the guys who are paid to know.</div></div>

except every one of those players was better than Chariot. Chariot is very very very bad. And just because gms have made dumb trades before is not an indicator that they will be made again.
Im going to trust actual logic instead of 'insiders' who are wrong more than not. Calling bias here as a habs fan is absolutly hilarious, especially when you back that up with saying that it is 'reported' despite it literally never being reported. Like read the actual damned quotes. When friedman says "i think" that is not a report of value, that is him pulling a value out of his ass, these guys get paid to generate clicks, and pretending that habs players are good value is clearly good for business, i mean it's got y'all spinning.