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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LivingAnew</b></div><div>Hardly the "same player," IMO... Jarnkrok is who he is; everyone knows what he brings at age 31. For all we know, he could decline from here.

Raddysh is six years younger, bigger, taller, and costs less (at least for now). NO ONE KNOWS how high is ceiling is. He really came on after the TDL this last season - once he was given time.

EDM fans said the same thing about Yamamoto; i.e., that the Yamamoto was as "valuable" a piece as Raddysh; that he (Raddysh) wouldn't make the Oilers better in Yamamoto's place. Then, the Oilers gave Yamamoto away for nothing to the Wings, who promptly turned around and paid money to get him off their roster (bought him out).

For all we know, Raddysh could be on the same timeline as Patrick Sharp was. It took Sharpie a while, and look how he turned out. I'm not saying that Raddysh will turn into a player with Sharpie's production. All I'm saying is that NO ONE YET KNOWS what kind of hockey player Raddysh will become - not you, not me, no one. The Hawks intend to find out; he's gonna be given every opportunity to produce this year.

For that reason, the Hawks likely decline.</div></div>

except that by the time a player is 25 /26 they are basically who they are. They rarely develop much more, let alone significantly past that point. Not to mention Raddysh would be getting Jarnkrok's ice time and not the icetime he got in chicago, so about 2 mins less a game and no power play time so his production would drop for that reason alone. That's what I mean when I say at best he'd be the same player because that actually would mean he developed and produced more.
There is no way in hell chicago declines this trade with a 1st involved, hell they dont do it with anything the value of a 2nd coming their way. Luckily the leafs dont either, this doesnt make them better, has a solid chance of making them worse actually and it costs them a high pick for their troubles.