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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 9:18 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mytduxfan</b></div><div>Don't see Eichel as reachable (we'd never give up the assets to acquire him), but would gladly give up this year's 1st+ to get him. I expect they'll want Zegras+, which I would do of course. I think an offer of Zegras + 1st + another roster player would be a very strong offer and not as punishing as people may think. Of course the high pick in the draft is nice, but if you're going to give up a high pick this is the year to do it and for an elite franchise C. That said, you've got to wonder about Eichel's health and his desire to play for another current bottom-feeder.

1. I like Hughes, but now I am higher on Clarke. The injury to Hughes is a concern and Clarke already has shown he can play men's hockey.
2. I'd be okay with losing Mahura. He's a good player, but never stuck it at the NHL level and he's behind Lindholm and Fowler on the depth chart. Not to mention Lacombe coming through, and maybe Owen Power if drafted. Mahura wouldn't be the worst player to lose given our depth at D.
3. He wasn't bad, but he doesn't really do much at this point. Too slow for the modern league. Essentially, I wouldn't prioritise his signing or be too concerned about making space for him. Let the kids play and learn.
4. I hear ya! However, it isn't the lack of off-season signings that bothers me. It is the lack of TDL trades when we are pushing for the cup. Old memories now of course.</div></div>

The goal should be adding Eichel to Zegras tho. I’d rather give up Drysdsle over Zegras. Obviously prefer to keep both which is why I think Reinhart is a reasonable target. Reinhart’s price tag will be high but not nearly as much as Eichel.
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