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Sujet: Fire JBB
JBB has a very successful track record. Goodrow, Coleman, Hagel, re-acquiring McD, getting what looks to be a good player in the pick used from the Colton trade, and the only significant miss has been Jeannot. A couple of signings were rough with Sheary and De Haan not working at all, and Serg is considerably overpaid, but all in all, he's been very successful.
The trade was Goodrow and a 3rd for a late 1st, and Tampa would do that trade again 10/10. Hagel had that year and 2 more at 1.8, and multiple teams were interested, so having to give up a 2nd 1st wasn't the.biggest surprise, although it was a gamble. Neither Raddysh nor Katchouk have done much of anything since, and Tampa also got two 4ths back. Coleman was another late 1st and Nolan Foote, who, like his brother, looks to be hesded rowards likely bust territory. JBB has been willing to go for it during the main contention window, and, with the exception of the Jeannot trade, it has paid off very well.

As far as contracts, he overpaid Cernak very slightly perhaps, Cirelli by maybe 750k, and Serg considerably more, as.he's never come close to showing he's been worth 8.5. These guys were all coming off bridges however, and neither they nor there agents are stupid. They had also won 2 Cups, so they were never going to be a steal. I wish Serg would be in the 6.5-7 range, what is what he is worth, but it is what it is. The cap is going up again finally and the contracts will look better and better soon enough.

JBB made the moves to cement 2 Cups, and barring Ppint missing most of the '22 playoffs, very possibly a 3 peat. He also re-acquired McD to bolster the position that needed considerable help and if it hadn't been him, nearly had Hanifin wrapped up if Calgary's GM hadn't been an idiot. No GM is perfect, but JBB has far more hits than misses, and is probably one of the least likely GM's that has to worry about job security for quite a few years to come.
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Sujet: Experience
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MoSeider53</b></div><div>Tampa is in no position to be losing their young players while re-signing aging players like Stamkos. if Tampa wants to keep their cup window open they need their younger players. Tampa has one of the worst prospect pools in the league. As players like Stamkos, Hedman and Kucherov age they'll need to replace them with much younger players. Tampa is already basically declining. And keeping a 34 year old Stamkos over a much younger Anthony Cirelli makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I doubt Tampa's cup window is anymore than another 2 to 3 years at the very most. Buffalo, Detroit and Ottawa are young up and coming teams in the Atlantic teams like Boston and Tampa are in danger of even not making the playoffs here shortly.</div></div>

Stamkos just had 40 goals and was ppg. While he may be 34, they'd be foolish to.let him walk unless he's asking for simply too much $. Cirelli is a good young player, but he's not untouchable.

Tampa still has several solid prospects that should at least ne able to be decent middle 6 contributors in the years ahead. Players like Howard, Gauthier, Goncalves, Finley, Huuhtanen etc all have potential to play for the big club.

As far as Tampa's window, who knows. I'd guess at least 2 or 3 more years, but let's see how some of the prospects turn out, plus other moves that JBB might make. While those other teams *may* be ascending soon enough, the only one that took any real step forward this year was Detroit, and they still missed despite the door being wide open for them. Tampa also had 98 points with Vasy missing nearly anthord.ofnthe season and then clearly not fully back for a decent chunk after that. The core is still fine in Tampa, but I figured JBB would've distributed the cap space a bit differently/more evenly between the blue line and depth F this offseason.
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