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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>stammerman</b></div><div>Cirelli drives his line he is not riding coat tails of his wingers in no way, I think he has added to his wingers value. His line is the Lightnings 2nd line with Palat and Killorn and they draw all the hardest matchups... ie Crosby, Bergeron, Barkov lines of opposing teams, he is over valued on here but also under valued on here in a way. I think his career projects just like Sean Couturier has in that he excels at the 2 way game but put will start to up 60 plus points a season. I don't think a lot of people realize as well that he gets less then 30 seconds a night on the power play but plays about 2:45 on the penalty kill. All his points are mostly 5 on 5. The kid is good and only getting better. I don't play trade scenarios with him because I don't think the Lightning will trade him. He never stops, my current favorite player on the Lightning.</div></div>

Very much agree with this. Tampa isn't moving or losing him or Serg. Cernak may or may not have to go based on if one of Johnson or Gourde waives or is just bought out(Johnson the likely one to waive, but that's another discussion). Anyway, if Tampa was looking to move him, Cozens is likely one of the few pieces they would listen to from Buffalo. Very quickly declining offers of Mittlestadt+ or the 8OA. I almost did a spit take earlier though when some Sabres fan thought the 8OA could be the main piece in getting Cirelli+Cernak or even better, Serg+Cirelli lol. By far a candidate for best laugh of the week.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>moli92</b></div><div>well obviously they wont waive a full NTC to go somewhere they have no interest in, I never suggested they do that. They would only waive their full NTC if they would actually like to live in the city that they would waive for. If Tampa told them they could either waive their full NTC now in order to go to a team of their choice or not waive their NTC now and go to a much worse team/city next year I think its pretty clear what the better option is. The players may have the final say but the team can make the choice difficult for them.

Again, im not saying this is for sure what will happen, im just outlining a specific case in which it may be beneficial for players to want to waive now rather than being traded later. I think it makes perfect sense in these circumstances</div></div>

It's quite clear that a player like Johnson might do this, and he has more value than some of the players I see involved in trades on here for big returns(Risto getting a 1st+ in different threads, Buf fans dreaming). I do find it funny that he thinks we're being delusional and that he finds it "satisfying to remind Tampa fans of their situation" and they might have to end up icing "half an AHL team". Although since he is a Buffalo fan he would know about delusions, mediocrity, and icing half an AHL team all too well. If I were Johnson and Brisebois told me they wanted to trade me after this season, and could I tell him some other teams I'd be interested in playing for, I'd be much more likely to tell him the 3 or 4 locations I'd really like to go to and see if he can work out a trade; this would be more appealing than playing one more year with likely diminished ice time and then having to face going to one of 21 teams(not all of which are highly preferred locations).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shibbal18</b></div><div>Easier said than done, dont know whos feeding you this, but sorry to burst your bubble. Flat cap makes this nearly impossible</div></div>

Nah, many of us have done the math and its far from impossible. Sorry, but fans of Tampa have heard how gutted the team would be for 5 years now due to the cap. I'm sure you and the rest will be right thjs time though...Last year it was going to cost them to move someone like Miller or Gourde etc. Yeah that worked out well for the detractors. Point was a lock to take 9+ or an OS, fail again. Stamkos was as good as gone, strike 3. I can go on but what's the point, it doesn't matter to people that every year continue to guarantee us bolts fans that the team is definitely making a trade that hurts, losing their rfas to an OS or losing a ufa to free agency.

Yes, the flat cap causes some issues for many teams, but the loss of 2.5 to 3 million in cap isn't the end all be all so many on here think it is. Tampa may indeed lose a little value on what they would've received for Killorn or Johnson/Gourde(should one waive of course), but they won't be making a trade that "hurts". If Johnson doesn't wants to waive now, Tampa will easily move him next off season when there will be 21 teams they can negotiate with. If you really think Johnson, Palat or the year after, Gourde can squeeze Tampa with that many teams available, not sure what to tell you really.

Serg and Cirelli will be going nowhere. Cernak is not a sure thing, but Tampa could also keep him on a short term deal. Players know the situation and know they will likely have to take less now to remain with several top notch but cap constrained teams. Tampa has run this business model with all their top rfas as of late, and things have worked fine. Given the comments and seemingly positive dispositions of Serg and Cirelli regarding their future with Tampa, there's nothing to indicate that will change. So, sorry to ruin your narrative of Tampa not being able to move players or having to make a trade that hurts, but until these things happen, those of us with precedent on our side will continue to believe in Tampa getting the job done vs those who just know Tampa is getting hurt badly this time around because of the current cap situation. I'm sure one of these years people like you will finally be right though and of course you'll act like, see, told.you so, after being utterly wrong for the better part of a decade, cool.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>moli92</b></div><div>Tampa is great but even if they hold out this year they will be dealt the following year. They lose out on 1 year in Tampa to get a more desirable team for the remainder of their contract.
2 options could be:
A) decline to waive the NTC and stay with Tampa throughout 20-21 season, then get traded to your 20th choice team and stay there until your contract expires
B) waive the NTC in 20-21, get traded to your top choice besides Tampa and remain there until your contract expires.

Not saying they will waive for sure, but there are definitely benefits of them doing so. Not sure how much more clear I can make it for you</div></div>

100% agree with you. This is what many of us in Tampa believe re: Johnson this off season and potentially Gourde the next. Johnson gets much more control over where he wants to go now and Tampa clears one if the 3 guys they need to. Your bridge values are good imo, although I think Cirelli and Cernak will come in a little lower(each around 250-500k less) based on previous Tampa bridge deals on comparable players. Both Cirellu and Serg are very happy here, and neither has indicated even the slightest hint of wanting to leave Tampa for a dump via OS. I don't think Tampa moves Palat at all, and both Killorn and Johnson have better value than these trades. Tampa moves Killorn for like a 2nd+bottom 6 elc type/ b prospect or 3rd, and Johnson should fetch a 2nd or 3rd. They move Paquette for a lowe pick(4th probably) and add a mid pick to Coburn and move him. These moves allow them to run a 22 player roster to start and ljkely keep all 3 rfas. Buying out one if Gourde or Johnson would be a last ditch resort but would would ok free up enough cap to keep Cirelli and Serg, maybe not Cernak though.
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Pretty good lineup overall, and this is close to how Tampa likely looks next year. However, both Serg and Cirelli will likely take a 3 year bridge and get a slight bump to these numbers(Cirelli around 4, Serg around 4.5). I think Tampa will likely run a 22 player roster and move Coburn with a sweetener to free up 1.7, then also trade Paquette and save 800k or so after factoring in his replacement. With these savings, they can give Cirelli and Serg the bump, and give Cernak/Rutta/Maroon small increases as well on their likely 1 or 2 year deals. With Paquette gone, Verhaeghe slides into the 4C role(or Goodrow can if they prefer), and then one of Barre-Boulez, Joseph, Volkov or a traded/signed player takes the other spot on the 3rd or 4th line. I think Johnson could get at least a 3rd, but if 4th was all that was available after he waives, Brisebois would likely take it. Killorn could easily get a late 1st type return if there’s a bidding war between 2 or 3 teams, but trades for like a 2nd+Alex True from SJ or similar offer of a 2nd+b prospect or cost effective middle to bottom 6 F is a package that Tampa would also likely take. I agree 100% that most rfas and ufas will take less this offseason due to the situation, at least that’s the most common line of thinking(naturally except for Tampa players in most threads it seems of course lol, they’re obv going to take an OS to a non contender or lottery team for a little more $, since that’s very common right?). Anyway, thanks for this roster for next year showing how Tampa is not in nearly as bad of shape as most on here that want to see Tampa crumble believe.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafs_and_Sens_Fan</b></div><div>Make no mistake Gourde and McDonagh both have negative value.

Gourde was only on pace fo 35 points this season. Sure I think he's better than that but the most recent year plays a pretty huge impact on a player's value and Tampa doesn't really have much of a choice if he says he's willing to waive his NTC. They simply don't have the cap space to wait a year and hope be rebounds before moving him out.</div></div>

Neither have negative value, and Tampa is very likely not trying to trade either. They are very likely planning on keeping Gourde and increasing his minutes, so when he very likely becomes a ~50 point player again his trade value will be even better next offseason if he is then asked to waive. This scenario also makes him easier to move to Seattle in a deal to protect certain other Tampa players if that's what Tampa is looking to do. They have plenty of options to free up cap aside from tossing a 1st round pick away with a player of Gourde's caliber for nothing. This sort of thing would be a last resort. Johnson is the far more likely player to be leaving this off season anyway, whether through trade or buy out. There is a path for Gourde to leave this off season, but only if he waives and Brisebois can negotiate a satisfactory deal with said team. Tampa could retain a small amount or add a mid to late pick/lesser prospect to even out a trade, but make no mistake, a 1st is not being added to trade Gourde, McD, or Johnson should they waive.
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