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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bolts20Cup</b></div><div>Yeah no kucherov.
Cirelli was hurt. amd and snakebit like Gourde during the.19/20</div></div>

Killorn has been a .5 ppg player his whole career outside of basically 1-2 seasons. He brings alot to the team in other ways but he's not some great offensive threat Getting to play with Stamkos and being on PP1 of the best unit in the game should increase one's point and goal totals.

Cirelli wasn't injured during the regular season, he was in a slump plain and simple. I'm a big fan of him, but he's much better used as a more defensive oriented C who can also hopefully score ~50 points, not a line driving offensive ppg type.

Even with Kucherov out, ABB still got that spot over others who could've been moved up. If Cooper thinks ABB's going to help the team playing 12-14 minutes a night as some 2 way shutdown/checking type, he's sorely mistaken. That's never been ABB's game at all and so if that's how the team plans to use him, they'll waste him here. The top line should remain intact, but there is plenty of other options for the next two lines besides making the team top heavy. Having a very inexperienced 3rd line and then a very tough but slow 4th line is a poor use of the resources they have.

I would hope Cooper is willing to blend lines 2-4 some to see how different combinations work and not be obstinate about having to have certain players together. He finally showed a willingness to change his coaching/strategic approach after several years of doing the same thing and failing in the playoffs, so I have faith that he will play the best line combos possible, regardless of personnel.
Forum: Armchair-GM27 aoû à 15 h 07
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bolts20Cup</b></div><div>Really bad assumption</div></div>

Nope, Barre-Boulet is not a grinder 3rd line/4th line type with a really good 2 way game. He has good awareness in the offensive zone and as previously mentioned, a good shot. Like Marchessault and Verhaeghe before him, if Tampa wants him to do little with the team and then watch him flourish elsewhere, great, keep him locked up in the bottom 6. Even with signing a 3 year deal, there's a reason he was put in the top 6 last year, as that's where he will be best utilized. It's also not like the Killorn-Cirelli-Stamkos line has been that effective for long stretches at times either. Additionally, Tampa will likely be losing at least one of Palat or Killorn in the next 1-2 years, so giving ABB(and possibly others) a larger role in the top 6 will give the team better knowledge who should be the long term replacement. Moving a vet like Killorn to the 3rd with Colton also spreads out the talent and doesn't make Tampa a 2 line team with weaker depth in the bottom 6.

Cirelli had his struggles for a great deal of last season, so giving him a new wing may not be the worst idea either. Killorn usually steps up big in the playoffs but he's not some gamebreaker that has to be in the top 6. If keeping him with Cirelli is paramount, then play them both on the "3rd line" with Joseph/Raddysh/Katchouk and then have a more offensive oriented line of ABB-Colton-Stamkos. Cirelli was at his best when he could.be more of the 2 way, less offensive reliant C anyway, so keep him with Killorn in that role.

In any case, giving Barre-Boulet little ice time and expecting him to be helpful to the team as some 3rd line 2 way type is wasting his talents. For Raddysh or Katchouk, thos role could work well, but not ABB. I'm sure they won't though, and when ABB doesn't put up great numbers while being horribly deployed, it'll just be indicative of a bad coaching decision rather than ABB not being good enough. Maybe ABB doesn't have what it takes, despite all numbers at previous levels saying otherwise, but there's only one way to find out. After the team made the same mistake with Marchessault and it certainly looks like Verhaeghe, maybe the third time will be the charm(or perhaps it will be the 3rd strike in this regard).
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Sujet: Deadline
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Juiceman</b></div><div>I’m not denying their importance but it does seem like a lot to give away for depth. You could get a lot better players for two firsts and a prospect. Did it matter in the end? Not really cause they won a cup, but they still could’ve done it for less and filled their prospect pool with talent as well</div></div>

No, they couldn't have done it for less. Tampa was bidding against at least both Boston and Colorado(and possibly another team) to acquire Coleman. Boston and possobly one other team were also in on Goodrow as well. Brisebois and his team had spent quite awhile figuring out what the team needed to give them the beat chance, and was willing to pay the price to do so to get the players they wanted while also keeping them off other top level contenders. Those picks would've been late 1sts that maybe would've been helpful to the team 3 years after being drafted. Nolan Foote, while a good prospect, also likely would've had no impact on the team until the upcoming season in a best case scenario. Brisebois knew Tampa was in its prime window and went for it. Getting 2 impactful players that greatly helped the team(and had an extra year so 2 cup.runs instead of a usual rental) was also key, and this was another reason several teams were ik n on each player.

The Savard trade this past deadline was not the norm, but Tampa had a positional need and a deal was there. Appleton does not really provide what Tampa will likely need at the tdl, and is not worth a 1st most likely to Tampa. If Tampa is looking to add at the deadline this season, it's likely for an RD(again) or a top 6 winger that will be cheaper than Palat(if it looks like there's little chance of re-signing him). The only player from Seattle that may fit this role would be Jarnkrok, who could be a target for Tampa in this scenario. I think Tampa will likely keep their 1st though and see what they have between Barre-Boulet, Raddysh, and Katchouk in a full season, but Brisebois will no doubt consider his options. He has shown that if a deal is there to be made that improves the team's chances at a Cup, then he will pursue it.
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