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Forum: Armchair-GM8 oct. 2020 à 11 h 29
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CLR</b></div><div>Poehling is not nhl ready . Byron and Lekh are good players but 4th liners. So we need a top 9 LW considering we only have Tatar and Drouin. Considering we need 4lines to roll because we have no superstar , we indeed need a LW to play on the 2nd or 3rd line (depending where we slot Drouin)</div></div>


Indeed, I'd be okay pushing Lehkonen on the 4th (LW or RW, both Byron &amp; Lehkonen play both sides), hence pushing Weal out of the line-up. That's fine, but there won't be lots of $$ remaining. for that 3rd line LW.

Anderson will get around 3-4 years at 3.5-3.7M$ AAV (let's assume 3.5M$). Habs have 10.86M$ of cap space with 18 players. So that's not 7.36M$ with 19 players. Switch Evans UP and Romanov down (he'll start in the AHL), that's + 0.144M$ so 7.5M$. Then, Mete will sign for 2 years at around 1.4M$, which makes it 6.1M$ with 20 players (still need 3). Add a guy like Hudon at 0,7M$ and C.Fleury at 0.77M$ : You'll have 4.6M$ of cap space with 22 players.

That LW would need to be in the 3 to 3.5M$ AAV range. Pretty sure that's what Dorion offered DuClair (he offered him a substential raise from 1.65M$...double? so 3.3M$ AAV?). He'll ask for more. Also, remember they'll have to re-up Gally, Tuna, KK &amp; Danault at the end of the year AND Suzuki + Romanov at the end of the year after that. I think they'll keep the 4.63M$ of cap space, just to make sure they can sign everyone next summer (or should I say next fall?). If only to add a piece at the deadline or eat salary for a year and recoup assets at the same time.
Forum: Armchair-GM8 oct. 2020 à 11 h 14
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MelonVK</b></div><div>I'm actually shocked about everyone's prediction that Lundqvist will earn 1m or just under that. How has he not been better than most FA goalies? Even if he's dropped off a bit from his own high standards?

Toffoli will get more years, I'd be surprised of Florida decided to spend another huge contract on RHD where they have Ekblad and Strålman earning a combined 13m, and also Weagar etc. on top of that.</div></div>
Lundqvist juste got bought out. No one is saying he's "worth" 1M$ a year (at least, I hope!), but it's what he'll accept since he still wants to play and still wants to win (that,s what he tweeted the next day he got bought out). If he want to win, there's no way he makes more than 1M$ this season. No competing team will offer him more. And frankly, at this stage of his career, having already earned 100M$ in NHL salary + all the advertisement money he made (probably at least the same amount as playing in the NHL), he's not looking to get paid. He wants a cup. PERIOD. He's already making 1.5M$ this season and the next, so add 1M$ to each year and I'm pretty sure he'll be OK with that ;)

For Toffoli, his inconsistency will hurt him a bit, trying to get that bigger AAV, imho. Also worth noting, in a "2-3 years of flat cap" world, teams will be reluctant to hand out bigger payday than players are worth.

For FLORIDA, I'm with you on that one, but can't see where Pietrangelo could fit...Stralman could be bought out...we'll see! Where else you think he could realisticaly sign?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>clark</b></div><div>we'll see, marner at 7m would put him in the top 10 right wingers in the league 8.5m would put him in the top three or four. that's a lot for any player coming his elc. SHOULD he get 8.5m, maybe Dubas gets fired for that.</div></div>

There's no signs showing us that Marner will be a bust. GM's always have the choice of giving a player short or long term. Sometimes, the bridge contract ends up costing a lot for teams so that's why you see teams signing players max term to avoid playing more in 2-3 years time. Also, you can't expect a player to sign for less than his market value just because you want him to. There's always the possibility that the player accept less money to help out the team, but it doesn't happens all that much. The agent's job is to find comparative and start the conversation with those players contracts. You need arguments (very strong ones), if you're Dubas, to counter Marner's agent points...And I really don't know what he could say to counter that Draisaitl comparison except that he plays wings not center (L.D. did too when he signed his contract, he played McDavid wings for most of that season). L.D. had 137pts in 191GP (0.717pt/game) when he signed his contract. M.M. currently has 130pts in 159GP (0.818pt/game). Let's say he has a modest 2018-2019 season (by his standard) and ends up with 62pts in 79 games. He'd be at 192pts in 238GP (0.807pt/game). This is a lot more points and more than half a season more of experience than L.D. Add to that that advanced stats doesn't put one player on top of the other...How could Dubas NOT acknowledge that this comparison is valid, thus is the starting point of their negociations?!?
Forum: Armchair-GM18 août 2018 à 9 h 56