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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>delneggs</b></div><div>LOL. When Trotz took over the Islanders they were horrible and the worst defensive team in the league. He made them one of the best defensive teams in one year and has had them in the playoffs every year......yeah, he stinks, fire him asap.</div></div>

Dont get me wrong trotz did a ton for this team in the last couple of years. Like you said, they couldnt stop a goal to save their lives and then trotz taught them defensive responsibility. Ive always said this and i maintain my position, trotz is a great 'Xs and Os' coach, but he really lacks some common sense. His performance evaluations are just flat out crazy and his bias against younger players is puzzling.
I appreciate what hes done since he came, however imo him having success here is over. I say let him go now before
1- things get messier and 2- the season is lost. Hes tought the guys how to play defense and how to play responsibly and i know its not as simple as that but the progress they would make from keeping him around is minimal if anything. He is a coach who fits an older team who isnt expected to do well and can really motivate a team and a motivated team that plays physical and good defense can win. But after a while it starts to wear on you. Hes great at getting guys to overperform, up to a certain point. But when theyre expected to do well, and he doesnt have that underdog mentality to motivate them, he loses his biggest asset.
He may have lost a championship already with 1st line leo and playing zajac over wahlstrom.

As for your point about the playoffs, thats lou. He built a championship caliber roster with cap flexibilty. Theres a reason hes won the jim gregory award the last 2 years.