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10 fév 2018
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Forum: Armchair-GM 8 jan à 11 h 23
Sujet: Sandpaper
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ryminister_27</b></div><div>Bertuzzi played with Larkin and Mantha.. Kerfoot played with multiple wingers. Mikheyev, Johnsson, Kapanen, Engvall, etc. None of them come close to the calibre of line mates Bertuzzi had. Kerfoot's also a centre. They're more valuable than dime a dozen wingers. Kerfoot's versatile. Plus I said Bertuzzi's contract expires next season and Kerfoot's doesn't. That would cost the Leafs more on his contract, not to mention he's likely be exposed to Seattle and lost for nothing. Makes no sense for the Leafs. Again, I said MARGINAL upgrade to Bertuzzi. But the difference in the players is FAR less than Liljegren. Ok buddy?</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>And you think Bertuzzi had it any easier? Last season AA pretty much forgot how to play and Mantha was on IR for quite awhile, So they split up Bertuzzi and Larkin. The some of the players Bertuzzi was paired shouldn't even be in the NHL anymore.

Kapanen's career numbers 41g + 49a for 90 points in 202 games

Bertuzzi's career numbers 49g + 79a for 119 points in 199 games

So does that mean Kapanen only marginally better than Kerfoot?</div></div>

Kerfoot and Bertuzzi play a completely different style of game. Comparing their stats is literally comparing apples to oranges.
Bert is more valuable to the Wings because he fits in so well with Larkin and Mantha. Regardless of if Kerfoot was the better player (I don't think he is, but hey, everybody has their opinions), his value would be inflated to the Wings for that reason. Also worth considering, the Wings have Hronek, Seider, Lindstrom, and potentially Tuomisto at RD. Liljegren isn't a bad prospect by any stretch of the imagination, but his value to the Wings isn't all that high because of the prospects they already have at that position.

In short, Detroit would decline. What they have is more appealing to them than what's offered.
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Sujet: Futre
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>I doubt the Wing;'s trade Lindstrom for True. Lindstrom is never going to put up a lot of points he is a defensive defenseman with a lot of poise for a player of his age and experience level. I don't know if you watched many of the games he played in last season but Mickey, Osgood, Murphy and Bertuzzi couldn't stop talking about how impressed they were with his play. Very few defensemen come in and play defensively like he did he doesn't get pressured in to making turnovers and he is perfectly fine eating the puck instead of trying to force a breakout pass that isn't there. He wasn't an Yzerman draft pick but he is the type of defenseman Yzerman loves he's big but mobile and defense is the #1 priority. I actually expect to see him on the opening night roster in the 3rd pair but with all the UFAs signed I'm not sure. Last season Lindstrom received a lot of the praise that Tuomisto has received this season. Which is why we are seeing Tuomisto in a lot of ACGM posts.</div></div>

I did get to watch Lindstrom a bit, and the eye test results were good. He was mostly unnoticeable in a good way, but did have the occasional good pass or smart defensive play. Considering he was a 21 year old rookie still in his first year on North American ice, I was impressed with him. Maybe I expected better relative Corsi numbers based on the eye test? What else strikes me as strange is that he's currently playing in the 2nd tier league in Sweden, when he should probably be in the SHL, which makes me doubt the eye test.
Regardless, trading a defenseman that's under 23 is usually a bad idea because of how much room they have to grow. I wouldn't make this deal, but was interested in the sales pitch.