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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DucharmetheDOMinator</b></div><div>I better copy this. Exactly what I've been trying to say</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jay27</b></div><div>No. People think tanking is worth it because you can get the next messiah #1 overall to lead the team to the promise land, in actuality you hurt the development of your young guys by creating a losing environment and only have a what %17 chance of picking 1st and even then there is no guarantee one player can turn your team around. Look at McDavid, best player in the world and his team still can’t get past the first round. Mentality should always be to win, never tank on purpose.</div></div>

Im not going to bother advocating for or against attack. Having Bedard, Michkov, Fantilli, Yager etc... would be awesome to add to Suzuki and Caufield. sure you can add a massive free agent or two in a couple of years but thats a whole different conversation

this is the point im trying to adress

Crosby 3 cups finished 29 in 2005-06
Ovechkin 1 cup finnshed 27 and 27 from 2005-07
kopitar 2 cups finished 28,30,26 from 2006-09
Bergeron 1 cup finished 25,23 from 2005-07
and mackinon no cups but superstar finished 21,21,30 from 2014-17

You can't win unless you learn how to lose
-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

you can argue for or agasint tanking to try and land one of Bedard and michkov who look like stars in the making or fantilli or Yager or many others next year to add to this young core

but I certainly don't agree that having young kids experience a bad season or two will ruin their careers.

to me these kids need to be playing big minutes and be able to make mistakes and make great plays to truly learn and then you can start to build a winning team around them
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TZ11</b></div><div>A lot to digest here, but I'll go step-by-step:

It's obviously not <strong>as much</strong> of a problem, but it's still a negative factor. It's a weaker league and things like that don't affect the game as much. But Trikozov does all of it a lot better at the VHL level as well and just looks better overall.

He never says he'll score 20 or 30 "easily". In fact he says that's what he could do at his ceiling and if everything goes right. "[...]to project him as a 20- or even 30-goal scorer at any level if he reaches his ceiling".

His shot is great. It could use some sharpening in terms of aim, especially on wrist shots, but it's among the best of the draft. If that weren't so, he would be far lower. Ditto the skating. I wouldn't say he's a hitter but it's above average.

We have no idea how that line would look. They might have 0 chemistry. And some players just never get to the level of Hockey IQ that most NHL Top 6 players have and the same could go for Miro, who knows.

Could be the case for Gallagher, but with Miro it doesn't work all the time which makes it a liability. If it has a high success rate, great. But it doesn't really.

In fact I have Drouin as a comparable for Miroshnichenko. (My comps are style-based.) Not 100% sure it works well, but it's the best I could come up with. Miroshnichenko might have that ceiling if everything imaginable goes right and something magically clicks in his head and his Hockey sense becomes above average. But more likely than not he won't become a 40 goal scorer. And his ceiling is the exact opposite of being "easily" reachable, as I've said already. He's a project and his development will take time and a lot of effort and even then its's very well possible he never pans out.

Same upside =/= gets picked higher. This is a mock draft not a ranking. Miro has great raw tools (skating, shooting, forecheck, etc.) and I think some teams might value those higher than a toolkit. But the main reason he was picked there is that I wanted to have Miro on the Caps because I like the idea of him learning a couple things from Ovi. Not because I think he's the best choice.

Weird statement. Because some see some problems in a prospect, they're automatically attention-seekers? Miro is dividing scouts. Some don't see the problems or think they can be worked around rather easily. I, personally, don't think so. But Hopefully he proves me wrong.

On eliteprospects.com 7/12 have him in the Top 10 (not including Central scouting since that's only Europe). Take out Craig Button and Sportsnet, as I feel their rankings are always all over the place and differ a lot from most other scouts. That leaves 5/10 scouts that have Miro in their Top 10. Pretty much what I expected. But I wouldn't really call that "many".</div></div>

Not sure how in the world you got Drouin as a comparable. drouins shot is weak, he's physically weak and two of his biggest problems are not wanting to shoot the puck and holding onto the puck for two long instead of making nice pass, he ends up losing the puck for nothing. literally the polar opposite of Miroshnichenko

Not saying you or even the guy in the article are doing this as he has him ranked 20th which funny enough is where I've been arguing the habs should take him in this scenario and he has him ranked ahead of all the guys you want to take over Miroshnichenko. obviously one man's opinion but I "feared" he had him outside of the first round or something absurd like eliteprospetcs. some people defiantly take harsh views on "controversial" players hoping that their view is correct and they can use it as their "claim to fame" I believe Craig Button who you dont seem to like does this from time to time

our whole conversation seems to come down to me wanting Miroshnichenko to be picked at 20 in this situation by Montreal due to his immense upside generated by outstanding tools
you don't seem to like him because of his lack of vision and his poor "hockey iq"
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TZ11</b></div><div>The thing is that it'll be hard to get Miro to that level. To me DBB, Gauthier, Snuggerud, Howard and Mesar all have the upside Miro has. I would be in a rush to pass on him because he's a huge project and you could get a similar if not better player out of the pick without having to invest as much into the development. You have to teach Miroshnichenko the game properly. He doesn't think ahead of the game (doesn't see passing lanes in beforehand, etc.), has hasty decision-making and can turn into liability at times because of that. He isn't creative and it seems like he can't put all of his raw skills together to create a toolkit.

This article sums it up quite well: https://dobberprospects.com/2021/12/28/prospect-ramblings-gleb-trikozov-vs-ivan-miroshnichenko-toolkit-vs-tools/#google_vignette</div></div>

couple of things I see here. both you and the man in the article seem to be unfairly judging him solely off of his vhl play while taking trikosov at his mhl play

Miroshnichenko ends up rushing play at times and forcing shots because he's in a league that is much more difficult than the mhl. when he's in the junior tournaments this isn't such a problem.

you both also seem to not value the finishing aspect of the game. the man in the article stated that scoring won't be a problem at any level for Miroshnichenko and hell easily score 20 or 30

now you have a 30 goal scorer that can skate and hit. stick him on a line with Caufield and Suzuki and your set. as he ages and becomes more conformable the game will slow down for him and make those decisions easier
another thing is that his "rash decision making" is an identical trait to mr Brendan Gallagher. Gallagher rushes passes and forces passing lanes that aren't there instead of holding onto the puck and waiting for the lane to open up. He also rushes shots and forces sots from low danger areas. but ill take those weaker aspects of his game as he haas other shinning aspects

Also in terms of upside ill pick out Howard, he's small, an average skater with decent hands and good passing abilities. he's probably Johnathan Drouin. 20 goals as a high and 40 assist as a high. Miroshnichenko has 40 goal ceiling that could easily be reached

I have zero problem with trikosov and Howard as individual players but for me Miroshnichenko is the player to pick in this situation which is you've already picked savoie/cooley and have a third pick 5 spots later and a 4 pick 10 spots after that.

4 of the players you listed you have them taken after Miroshnichenko so your argument is slightly confusing as the habs are arguably in a better spot to take that massive swing compared to the caps

I believe that some people are taking a bit of an extreme position on Miroshnichenko as he's still considered a top 10 prospect by many and they're hoping that they can say that they new Miroshnichenko wouldn't work and that gives them more of an audience.

Ill take my chances with the big, strong, physical kid who can skate and absolutely rip the puck and hope that one of your aforementioned players is available with pick 25 which 4 of the 5 are
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