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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>budgeteam</b></div><div>To comment on your actual proposals and not just make bad jokes.

-Sens will need to dump money somewhere if they give out those internal raises, and acquire Keller who makes 7.5 million dollars next season. Maybe Arizona takes Colin White, who would get top 6 minutes on their team. Zaitsev is another option.

-Value wise, the Keller trade looks close enough to what I'd expect. It's too many pieces, but it's not all that unrealistic. I also don't think there is any need for a conditional pick, Sens know what they are getting with Keller. 7th+2nd round pick or 2nd round tier prospect+Zaitsev makes sense to me. Arizona might actually value Zaitsev since he has shown he can eat up top minutes on a rebuilding team that gets hammered night in and night out, and they have to reach the floor anyways. Whether Zaitsev is bad at it is irrelevant for them. It might even be a plus.

-While I might not 100 percent agree on each exact extension number, we're talking about minimal differences that don't matter much. Like maybe I think you're a few 100k off on one player or another. The only one that stands out as unrealistic is the Jarnkrok signing. While he has been bad in Calgary, he has a long resume as a top 9 forward. He is getting 3-5 years at 3M+ from someone as a UFA. The Senators cannot realistically afford that kind of luxury on their third line, and if they could, they'd re-sign Brown. Jarnkrok is also unlikely to sign in Ottawa for anything short of an overpayment, not that he is a huge star, but the Senators are one of the least desirable destinations in the league.

-The White buyout would be the smart move, but I am skeptical about whether Dorion will do it. He has to answer to a new upper management group, and he has so many bad contracts on the books already. He can only say he screwed up so many times, and putting nearly a million on the books for six seasons might be a tough sell, even if it frees up a lot of money in the short term. If a buyout was an easy option, I don't think he would have been so deep in trade talks with Montreal at the deadline. I say that assuming Montreal was going to send the Senators back another long contract to offset White like Armia or Hoffman. We made a hockey trade because this guy totally wasn't a bad contract, just not a fit here, is a much easier sell than "So remember how I told you about those bad contracts to Murray, Zaitsev, and Del Zotto that we need to move, well don't leave yet....WE GOT ONE MORE TO DEAL WITH".

-The Norris contract is about what I'd expect if the Senators go long term. Somewhere around the 8x8 mark, or a slightly lower AAV on 6 or 7 years. With that said, I don't think the Senators go long term on Norris, because they don't have the flexibility to take that risk, and they think they are buying high on unsustainable goal scoring. I think they only go long term if Norris gives them a great deal. Given that Norris did not want to sign earlier this season, and wanted to risk playing out the season to maximize his value, he isn't giving the Senators a discount. Senators wont' go to 7.5-8.0 million, and Norris isn't giving them a discount. I'd expect either a 3 or a 5 year deal in the 6 million or less range. A 3 year deal will put Norris in a position to cash in because escrow will be paid back and the cap will go up again. While it will buy the Senators time to work around the sale of the team, and hopefully bring in owners who can spend to the cap to retain Norris on his third contract. I think they offer Stutzle the Jack Hughes contract this summer, because anybody with a working pair of eyes can see he is going to explode this season. I don't think they can make Stutzle and Norris both at 8 or so million work in the short term, which is why Norris will be bridged.</div></div>

Colin White may have the slightest bit of value but I doubt any team is serious enough to trade for him. I bought him out because it only costs 875k against the cap which is super cheap considering his current cap hit. We could dump Zaitsev somewhere but would have to add a decent pick with it. Murray will be off the books too in another 2 seasons so that frees up 6.25. I see what your saying with zaitsev in ARI but I still think including him means that OTT has to add another good draft pick. Now that you say it about Jarnkrok I have to agree, he'll get an overpaid UFA deal for the limited offence he brings. Was just trying to bring in a solid bottom 6 guy because I’m not completely sold on having both parker Kelly and mark kastelic in the lineup at the same time. I think they’ll buy out white, he has no spot in the lineup and his cap bud is ridiculous. They accomplished what was really important which was getting white to simply sign the contract as the time around when he signed was peak Ottawa dumpster fire time and he was the first of the young guys to be up for an extension. Him signing helped chabot and all the other lads stay when it came to their extension. I think they’ll go long term with norris because he’s a huge part of the young crew. 35 goals and Brady’s best buddy. A bridge deal would not be the worst thing though as it gives time to see if he’ll ever turn into a true #1C. Definitely sign stutzle long term this summer, he’s going to turn into an absolute star next season. I’m willing to bet he’ll score at a PPG pace.
Forum: Armchair-GM15 mai 2022 à 14 h 59
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensibleguy</b></div><div>Just some random thoughts

I think the Norris contract is high, not that he isn't worth a lot, just that if it gets into that range, they go for a bridge deal instead<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensibleguy</b></div><div>Just some random thoughts

I think the Norris contract is high, not that he isn't worth a lot, just that if it gets into that range, they go for a bridge deal instead

I think they can lowball Joseph and Formenton, and they each sign shorter deals. One season of okay production isn't enough to get that much of a raise, They'll want to see it for a larger sample size

I don't think White gets bought out. They can only buyout one player in each buyout period, and they want MDZ gone

The trade is too complex, value wise, so I'm not ofering an opinion on it

The UFA are fine, but I doubt they go after a defenceman unless it's a top3 D, the team has enough 4/5 D[

He had 35 goals this year, if he wants to be here long term then his agent will use Brady tkachuk and svechnikovs contacts as comparables. I’ll agree with Joseph but formenton had 20 goals this season and showed a lot of potential, I don’t think something around the 3 mill range is too much. Why would you buyout MDZ when he only has 1 year left? It would affect the cap for a couple years after. A white buyout will only cost 875k against the cap which is ridiculously cheap considering he makes something like 4.95 mill per year. I agree that they should be targeting a top 3-4 dman, but I don’t have any sort of trust in Pierre dorion and that’s why I signed Kulak. Pierre will say he’s the top 4 guy we need when in reality he’s a bottom pair guy.</div></div></div></div>
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