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Forum: NHL TradesMon at 4:55 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensonfire</b></div><div>San Jose Sharks:

Traded away a player that should have no trade value and who you might as well place on waivers.

Got a 5th round pick for retaining 562K in salary when the Leafs got a 5th round pick for retaining 1.1 million on Lehner.

A win for San Jose.

Chicago Blackhawks:

Janmark is underated and Chicago's return is not as good compared to what New York or Detroit got at the time for Zuccarello or Nyquist.

The picks going to Chicago can't upgrade based on any conditions.

Now, you're probably thinking Janmark is not like Zucc or Nyquist, which is true.

However, centres are more important than wingers because they make plays, take faceoffs and can score points too, among other reasons.

Championship teams are more often built around their centres than around their wingers.

Chicago also spends a 5th round pick unnecessarily and retain over a million in salary.

A loss for Chicago.

Vegas Golden Knights:

Janmark's performance and production will take off, now that he's on a better team.

An underrated player who can play either on the wing or at centre, he can also play top six minutes and produce points at a good rate.

Vegas gets a 5th round pick on top.

And Janmark is brought in at a cap hit of only 562K and it only cost a 2nd and 3rd.


Big win for Vegas!

In Vegas we trust!

I voted for the Vegas Golden Knights.</div></div>

This is an incredibly uneducated and uninformed analysis.
Any pick for a few hundred k in cap retention is a good deal.
Janmark is nothing more than a bottom 6 winger. He is not comparable at all to Zuc. Getting a 2nd and 3rd for a bottom 6 forward should be a win in anyone's book.
Janmark will not sniff Vegas' top 6. A 2nd, 3rd, and worse 5th is an overpay for what Janmark will contribute. Every Hawks fan was hoping to possibly get a 2nd but likely a 3rd for him.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>So...I'm not sure I 100% agree with that. Smith &gt; AA. It's hard to argue with a historically bad PK last year to the 6th best in the NHL. Smith has been a HUGE part of that. His cap hit is lower and AA's been injured this year. With DeHaan's injury...The Hawks have needed Maatta in a HUGE way and he's produced. Kahun isn't a difference maker to the Hawks. Obviously Joki would have been a welcome addition to the back end...so maybe the answer is yes by default for that move alone, but I don't mind the other two moves at all.</div></div>

Okay, nobody will ever convince me that Zach Smith is a better NHL player than Artem Anisimov. I jsut had to get that out there before I try to explain myself.
Smith is the 5th forward for PK on the Hawks. Its Carpenter, Kampf, Toews, Saad, then a rather decent fall in ice time to Smith. Anisimov was also 5th. Your fifth forward does not make you go from 31st to 6th. It's likely due to a schematic change from coaching and Ryan Carpenter who has been EVERYTHING the Hawks hoped he would be. To add to this Anisimov is a FAR superior 5-on-5 player than Smith is. Anisimov would also not be a center on this team which would open him up to more production.

With Joki over Maatta you would put Gus back on his natural side and would run Koekkoek/Seeler as the 6th man the same as what is occurring today. Is Joki that much better than Maatta RIGHT NOW? That can be debated for sure. They bring different elements but Joki will certainly be better in the future and is cost controlled still.

I get your point on Kahun. He doesn't stand out. Isn't much of a special teams player. However, his 5-on-5 production this year and last year is some of the best in the league in terms of pts/60 min. He is sound defensively, works his ass off, and provides exactly what you look for in a #9 forward. And the biggest point is he's undeniably a better player for the Hawks lineup than Nylander.