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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>That’s my counter to Anderson for Dubois LOL.

A fair trade with Dubois to MTL probably does include Suzuki. But that’s a non starter for habs fans. Think both teams are set heading into the season though.

I 100% see a bounce back season in the making for Dubois. Such a weird situation that he had to go through. While some of it was his own fault, there was a lot he couldn’t control like quarantine and the injury.

I agree if he has another meh year, you likely part ways to the highest bidder. Especially if Perfetti has an excellent season in the AHL. Would also like to see the Jets explore some sort of prospect swap with Heinola, Jets blue line is set for the next 4 years or so, maybe some room on the bottom pair but besides that it’s pretty locked in. Maybe swap Heinola for a F prospect that can replace wheeler in 1-2 years. I have an odd feeling wheeler is going to struggle a lot this year. Think Father Time is catching up to him a bit early.</div></div>


dont know what the plan is with Heinola.. heck i don't even think Maurice knows

i agree with Chevy's additions of Dillon/Schmidt.. the core is in their prime and we simply cant wait till Heinola/Stanley match their impact on the game

but dont agree with trading him... his 3 year ELC hasn't even started yet, and Stanley has 2 years left

what i see happening is Maurice juggling those 7 players

and Heinola

to build a competitive defense corps, with the odd man out either healthy scratch, flipped for cap space/forward depth or in Heinola's case AHL

as for Wheeler... yeah hes getting old, hopefully he has another couple of decent seasons left, as for his replacement...
we have Vesalainen, Lucius, Chibrikov all on the right side

as well as this dude... Dmitri Rashevsky

drafted this year, (20 year old kid) right winger late bloomer
had very strong preseason in the KHL
and right now has 7 points in 4 games there