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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>You are basing him off this year alone? What about the previous 3 years where he has been excellent? Chychrun will probably get a return similar to Eichel, he is way more affordable and not injured like Eichel. As a Flames fan I would gladly move Coronato ++ for him so I see no reason why you think he cant return a Perfetti caliber prospect.

Ghost has been putting up points but Chychrun has been the overall better defenseman statistically this year. despite being -29 he is still much better defensively.</div></div>

Ur basing him off last year alone, he was fine for the 2 years before that but last year he took a real step up

So ure saying Coronato and Perfetti r in the same prospect tier? Was thinking more Coronato and Lucius with their similar draft spots NCAA numbers etc.. but both of terms of potential rnt close to Perfetti, just like the Wild didn’t include Rossi in the Eichel sweepstakes.. those kinds of prospects just don’t get traded

No matter what u say, Eichel is the better player… locked up 5 more years opposed to 3, yes the cap hits over double but he’s a franchise center that’s just entering his prime, the injury doesn’t hold that big of a factor.. Vegas was confident in the process otherwise they wouldn’t have traded for him (like Calgary was)

Meanwhile Coronato was on the table for BUF.. but they elected to go with Vegas’s package that had Krebs instead

Chychrun better show that he can stand out with the Yotes instead of going down with the sinking ship, Eichel did that for years with BUF… that separates ‘great players’ from ‘franchise changing’

Ghost is the Yotes top d man this season, watch the games he has a much higher impact, not the mention there’s no such thing as easy/free points on this team and he’s 2nd on the team in points
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