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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Meeqs</b></div><div>So a few things here.

1) I don't agree that Lundell has more value than Girard, I think thats just fan bias. Its similar at worst.
2) The issue with Chychrun is that ARZ wants A LOT for him and ideally would have mostly wanted a boat load of futures. I DO think he is who FLA should have gotten with the assets they wasted on the rentals at the TDL, but IF ARZ was open to a 1 for 1 swap I think that would also be a valid choice. That said I think Girard has the better contract, doesn't have the same injury concerns, and personally I think he is likely also the better player but that would depend on how you value a few things. I also think Lundell holds more value to COL than he would to ARZ.
3) The point of this thread is that FLA is trying to win now. They have no futures at this point and their team isn't getting cheaper. So while fans love to overhype young players, I think trading players who's value is more in what they could be, rather than what they are right now is the correct path, especially when they are in roles that are very easy to replace and aren't as vital to overall success (like 3c and back up goalie)
4) FLA has 4 top 6 centers and DESPERATELY needs defensive help. Barkov isn't moving and I don't personally think Bennett holds much value, certainly not enough to get back a high end Dman. So that leaves your options as trading Reinhart who is a bit more expensive but a better player right now and flexible in where he can play, or Lundell who is cheaper and you would have to hope would grow into his prime. Considering FLA has no futures, and wingers hold 0 value atm this is the obvious path to fixing this issue.

Ultimately when you trade any player of value there will be fans that don't agree, especially on a team like FLA where each has valid pro's and cons. However the team is in a really difficult place after the last 3 trades the team has went with. Until they seriously fix their defense I don't think they can win, and they also don't have a lot of time to do so. The only way I see FLA building a contender is by making very bold moves imo</div></div>
Lundell is on a elc with team control for 8 more seasons. Right now he’s a perfect 2c who’s only getting better. That’s more valuable that a defenseman who was hurt last year and didn’t even help his team win the cup. As for potential girard is what he is. Lundell should be a ppg player while playing great in his own zone. He’s not worth anyone one for one unless it’s similar potential and skill coming back.that said bennett is the one who should be traded for girard whether it’s one v one or a pick is added I dont care. But that’s what should be done
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>evelutions2</b></div><div>Considering he would be given an OS between 4.2 and 6.1 mil, Florida won’t be able to match AND address their defensive problems. And that is also before talking about all the other players that would need to be resigned as well. And with a coach who is defensively minded to a fault, this is just a recipe for disaster. The Cats will likely have to choose between a competent dcore or resigning Knight if this situation plays out. Knight is a very likely candidate to receive an offer sheet, all a team has to do is overpay Knight for 1 year and drop his pay with an extension (unless he proves that he is worth the money).

Even if Florida doesn’t go after Kane, they only have about 16mil in cap space to address the elephant in the room that is their dcore, resign Knight, and resign/sign other FA they need/want. That’s also not including trying to save space for a Lundell extension. Florida is clearly following Toronto’s cap model, and having 3 players signed long term taking up 29.5mil of the available 82.5mil, Florida won’t be making it out of the first round anytime soon.</div></div>

Tahts why I hope they dont sign anymore 8 plus million contracts. Kane isn’t necessary here. We have enough competent wingers to do just fine. If they can shed hornqvist soon. Maybe a klingberg one year contract for cheap will work out but I doubt it. May be riding with it for one year abs next season will be when all the work is done.