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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>xercuses</b></div><div>so has keller imo even more so idk how much more he has to do to prove it
other than 7 point schmaltz and garland hes played with no top 6 player ever
lets ignore kane then
2017 he had schamltz and toews and saad
2018 saad, schmaltz, toews, strome
2019- 2021 dach strome toews
keller had
kinda stacked so you got me here 2017 Domi, strome, stephan
2018 strome stephan schmaltz
2019 garland schmaltz kessel (injured)Hall Dovrak garland
2020 garland Dvorak schmaltz
2021 schmaltz ladd hayton

Debrincat has 276 points in 342
keller has 244 in 348
imo if keller even had players as good as chi hed blow away cat
Cats awesome just not at kellers level imo and
really only in 2018 did they not have similar point totals which was kellers shopmore slump Cat luckily didnt have one
Its one down year sperating the too thats it and cat did it on much better teams</div></div>

It's not like the Blackhawks have been good during cats time here. Maybe not Arizona bad but they have been bottom of the league almost every year as well. Cat had a down year in 19-20 that was a bigger point difference than Keller's slump year. Debrincat dropped 31 points lower from the year before compared to Kellers 18. So I do not think this "Its one down year sperating the too thats it" holds any weight. If anything that statement should be in favor of debrincat. The players you listed aren't even bad. He has every chance to succeed with those guys listed 2017-2020. Not calling Keller bad. Nobody is. But to each their own because Cat is definitely better than Keller imo. Top ten in scoring 3/5 seasons (including this season as things stand now.) One of the seasons he wasn't top 10 was his rookie year and still put up 28. He is one of the best goal scorers in the NHL.