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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Blazingbat11</b></div><div>Crosby and Mackinnon had cups to back up their salary by the time they extended. Ovechkin in hindsight was able to get the job done afterwards, but at least he had a history of consistently getting past the 1st rd of the playoffs. Matthews has proven nothing for playoff success and has a specific playoff series under his belt that put his "effort" into question... *cough* his 1 goal performance against MTL *cough*...

But from a value perspective, MTL would be fools to turn down this deal. I like Slafs potential (imo he can still become a point per game (40g 40a) power winger), but that's nowhere near as close to the generational talent of Matthews. The Leafs playoff struggles aren't all on his shoulders, so any team imo would jump at the opportunity to add him. MTL included.</div></div>

Crosby yes but this was in response to taking less which he didnt really taking in the context of the cap.

Ovechkin signed his deal which was almost 19% if the cap before he had even played a single playoff game then he didnt get past the 2nd round until his 13th season which then he won the cup.

Mackinnon didnt get past the 2nd round until his 9th season which then they went on to win the cup. in the grand scheme of things is there really that big of a difference between round 1 and 2? people looked at both ovie and nate as "guys that cant get past the 2nd round of the playoffs" more than "guys that always go to the 2nd round of playoffs" before they went to the cup final in 22 mackinnon had been to the 2nd round 3 out of his 8 seasons with 3 of those years missing the playoffs.

The playoffs success has not been there for Matthews and he struggled in the MTL series but I wouldn't credit that to lack of effort. he had a bum wrist which he got surgery on later that summer and the Danault line did a very good job of shutting him down. I do feel his playoff reputation is overshadowed by the teams lack of success as 2017, 2019 2020 22 and 23 round 1 he was great. 18 and 21 and 23 round 2 were not good but i honestly think Florida round 2 was the worst series for him
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