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3 sep 2019
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Btw I always love the emotions around the Canada olympic squad selections. As a finn, we of course dont have quite the plethora to select from ( not too bad though recent years ) but it does result to less moaning and crying on the 3rd and 4th line selections.

Do you honestly think you should select the most talented 13 forwards as a rule of thumb???

Basically after 1st and 2nd lines take their 21+19 minutes of icetime and all off the PP the former 2 lines are left to bicker for the 20 remaining minutes and PK. They are left with playing against the opponents 1st line ( and honestly for example Finlands Rantanen- Barkov-Aho is a handfull)
Do you want skill players like Barzal playing against them defensive end plays???

All after trying to cope with the change of playing 10-12 minutes less than they usually get in their regular teams.

Hell no. You want physical, hard tackling grit guys who know/and have played the 10-13 minutes a game. Who know how to adapt yo that, know how to keep themselves ready and warm despite the lack of minutes.

It wouldnt surprise me at all Coleman would wound up on the team. And a couple of more guys who could thrive in similar role.

Its a piss poor idea to choose 13 most talented ones. I wouldnt even blame Cooper for choosing something like Martin-Cizikas-Clutterbuck just for the hell off it as a 4th line. Atleast they are familiar with each other ( in a 3 week tournament it pays off not to start from scratch) and honestly they are good at what they do on the ice for the glorious 8 minutes awg they would be getting.
Defensive end plays, PK, hitting, grinding, getting under the skin of opponents 1st line guys.

But what do I know.... as a rule of thumb most people ignore totally the roles players need to play when it comes to Team Canada, and are shocked and betrayed their guy who scored 70+ points didnt get picked. (Although their strengt might lie in running the PP, which he wouldnt get to do att all)