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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>It's finding at team that will take Johnsson or Palat or Killorn or Gourde, without sending any long term money back to Tampa that is so difficult. Plus you have to find a team that is suitable for these players to waive their NTCs or M NTCs.
Just don't think deal could be done this season. Gotta be figured out next summer when teams have signed their own RFAs and then know how much cap they can take on. There is going to be other teams besides Tampa who will needing to dump cap. Gonna be a buyers market of cap and a few teams will be able to upgrade their teams with some good veterans if only short term and get sweetener too.
I'm really interested in how Tampa solves it's cap situation</div></div>

They'll solve it with the power of disco! Okay no but actually I'd imagine they'll find the best deals available for the best markets available that can fit these players and their own needs each player is different and they have their own reasons to wave their Ntcs usually the number 1 reason is winning however family is a factor, locker room issues can play a factor. Like I don't expect Palat to request a trade any time soon since he is a new father and would likely want some stability. As much as destinations may be desirable to certain players for winning I never really ignore the human element to it. I wouldn't want Palat or killorn to be traded atm due to recentcy bias, I doubt gourde will have any takers atm due to poor play. Which just leaves Tyler Johnson being the most likely. I see him taking off and being a 25 -30 goal guy on another team when he gets the ice time and he fits with the right chemistry. I think there is atleast a close swap somewhere out there. Who knows Vancouver took Miller and use Him right, maybe they can try going 2/2 I wouldn't put it pass mister Bim Jenning to do something risque. Considering the fact he has a lot of the middle of the road players on long deals. . . What is 1 more to that confusing franchise. *Cross fingers*