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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SlickWilly</b></div><div>I think it should. I've advocated on this website that I dont think Colliton is the big problem here, but hes definitely not a solution. Aside from the wallopings we got from Colorado and Pittsburgh (two of the top teams right now), our losses havent been system losses, but ones following individual mistakes. We will play good for stretches of the game, and when it seems like we are turning a corner, we have a brutal turnover or a blatant missed defensive assignment by Kane and we give up a lousy goal and all the guys mental gets ruined. As soon as we give up a goal, the fire goes out and we stand no chance. Fleury has been far from great as well which doesnt help. The players have to be better, and hopefully when Colliton gets fired they finally figure out how to play the damn game with some passion.</div></div>

You absolutely hit the nail on the head here. This ROSTER is loaded. On paper, this is a Third round playoff team. The problem is the mental toughness. They are all in their own heads. Patrick Kane, my favorite player by far, has been god awful this year. Seth Jones's offense is on point, but he's getting left out to dry with Fleury. He can't do everything at once. As I watch him, 3 out of 5 times, he has his man covered. He is one of the best two way defensemem in the league. He's not a bad player by any stretch of the imagination. everyone involved with the organization (players, staff, coaches, fans) are in just an awful mental state right now. They are starting to believe that they are a bad team and that each individual is doing a poor job and its hurting them. Special teams is on fire. Whoever is the special teams coach needs a raise. However, you can't play trap hockey with Kane, DeBrincat, Kubalik, and Jones. You just can't. The best defense is a good offense. They need to get rid of the players that are neutral (DeHaan, Gustafsson, Strome, Khaira, Carpenter). They don't bring good defense or good offense consistently enough. With the current roster, they need a coach that lets good offensive players play offense.
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