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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wadejos123</b></div><div>In the unlikley event we get Wright, he is our 1C of the future. If/when we don't get him then yes, we need a 1C. I'm starting to think Dach isn't it.

I think Jones is a #1 D. Jones has been very good this year for us. People like to discount his play for the fact that we overpaid his contract and way overpaid to get him in the trade. The trade is done and the contract is signed, nothing we can do to undo that at this point. Regardless of all that Jones has been very good. Hawks need another top Dman on the Left. All those hawks teams that won cups had Kieth and Seabrook who were both top pair guys in their primes. Plus the compliment D men like hjalmerson and oduya ( current Mccabe and Murphy). If jones if our new Kieth, the hawks need to find their seabrook. That's the problem on D imo.

Hawks do need to retool and tostock the cubboards a bit with prospects but I don't think were going to be in a world where the hawks suck for the next 5+ years. A lot of the main pieces are there, and the haul we should get for what feels like the inevitible Kane trade should help things out as well. I don't see a reason why the hawks count't retool for like 2 years and be right back where the Rangers are now.</div></div>

Dach isn’t the guy. I know people think I’m a hater on this site but come on, he’s gotta prove me wrong at some point right?

Yes, the Jones deal is done, but as to the point of a left side dman, who do you get? I don’t mean to make it sound grim, but wasn’t McCabe suppose to be that guy possibly? Murphy is a fan favorite but that hasn’t exactly translated to better defense. The hawks haven’t done anything to develop any of those defensive prospects fans were so high on two and a half years ago (remember the logjam that made people pick Dach over byram?). My concern is that between Jones’ deal, McCabe’s deal, and Murphy’s deal, who are we gonna sign that’s marquee? We’re not getting chycrun (misspell I know) and I don’t foresee any top pairing left handers being readily available in free agency.

The difference between the hawks and rangers is beyond comparison. The rangers actually had players in their prime who underperformed for a year or two, which landed them even better players. The hawks have had bad drafts, bad prospects, and players past their prime to the point that they only had one top 3 pick and they botched that one. We’re nothing like the rangers sadly. We also have an inexperienced coach at the helm who whole better than JC isn’t the long term answer. I get the optimism, but the hawks aren’t in a good place.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>The Fleury-to-Edmonton deal was underwhelming, but I think that has a lot more with me just not liking the idea of using a first on a goalie than it does the actual trade. That's probably what it'll be, maybe Turris headed to Chicago as well?

That's some Dach-Holloway deal. Really exciting move for both clubs but Edmonton is clearly getting the better player, at least right now. it's not wildly unfair though? It's the contract stuff for me though: Holloway being cheaper for longer is going to be very important for the Oilers over the next few seasons. Don't know if I could pass up on it though. This feels a lot like when Kevin Lowe was offered Corey Perry and a pick for Mike Comrie back in the day: I can't help but wonder that the "darn, only if" feeling Oilers fans have regarding that deal would apply the same after either outcome of a Dach-Holloway swap.</div></div>

I get the feeling the fleury trade, to whom ever it is, will play out kinda boring and straight in all honesty.

As for Dach-Holloway, I really do not like Dach at all. He doesn’t use his size to its potential, his shot is very bad, and even with Kane and debrincat he still remains an albatross offensively. He’s good defensively, but for a guy who is suppose to be the 1C of Chicago’s future, he isn’t even showing that potential anymore. In all fairness, he really isn’t even a center, he’s a winger. He can’t win faceoffs and center doesn’t seem enable any playmaking from him consistently. Dach was drafted number 3 in 2019 and already zegras, seider, hughes, newhook, byram, and even caufield (based on his playoff run) have all exceeded him.
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