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I think theyve already doubled and tripled down on this top heavy talent/cap structure.

Alot worked this year, but the results are the same as evey other year. The team is inconsistent, mentally weak which cant be addressed by them just "getting over it".

Even moving poor return commodities like mrazek and holl, doesn;t create cap space to develop a team. The 3 rfas of liljegren, sandin and engvall are signable, if holl and one of kerfoot or holl are moved, but mikeheyev is gone, kase is gone (and probably should be because hes a poor investment, injury concern moving forward). But it leaves only room for a re-sign of campbell and not space to really improve the team, and I rweally believe the team cant cheap out on the goaltending position or continue to bargain hunt with mixed results for team depth.
Only robertson appears NHL ready to play a key role, but there needs to be continued development of sandin and liljegren, muzzin probably needs to go, and hopefully an abruezze or kral can fill a 4th line or 7th role. Lyub and Giordano will come relatively cheap but probably a little out of the team price range without moving muzzin, maybe one of them could be brought back. Moving the cheapest of the big 4 forwards probably isn;t the answer either, but with he and Matthews having just 2 yrs left, not a lot of picks, amirov's issues, the ability to find cheap internal KEY players are all probelms moving forward.
Tough position, but I cant see them blowing it up, but it would require an extra 4 picks or 10mil in cap space to address the talent/cap imbalance.
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