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With this lineup, the Habs are a goalie away from a deep cup run (on the backs of kids!). That's why.

Edmunson is a liability for Montreal, the Leafs can still use him (barely) for his playoff poise.

Harris has immense value but Montreal is too stacked on the LHD. Robertson is a stud. People talk about Knies being Toronto's stud, I love Robertson.

With Beck and Mesar in the system we need to move Dvorak while he still has value. Between him or re-signing Monahan cheap next year, I would choose Monahan.

Hoffman does not fit on this team. Mailloux has too much history but will be the next potential Erik Karlsson (iff the NHL ever lets him play, which is more likely if gets away from Hockey Canada). Baron is a soft underachiever, he needs somewehre else to grow, there is no room for his style of play in Montreal, he also deserves better than to die in Laval.

As for Erik Karlsson, he left Ottawa becasue of Hoffman and his girfriend. His health is back on track now. If you know EK you know he trains like a beast and will be effective for 4 more years.

<a href="/users/Rangers" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Rangers</a> fan, I'm pretty sure Dvorak is the definition of a C between #2 and #3. Saying #4 sounds like a you problem. He is a PK and faceoff specialist. His contract is a steal...just not when you are overloaded with centres. Dadonov is a UFA so he is basically free as you approach the deadline. Kravtsov deserves a try at a fresh start, he brings little to the NYRs now.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Elliotte Friedman i trust more then people without a track record of being right.
He says that's simply untrue and atleast 4 teams are in on the Anderson Market over 2 seasons now.
EDM,TML,NYI and now CGY have all been confirmed as kicking the tires on Anderson trying to make a deal work.

Not a huge market on him due to the factors you listed
But there's always a Market for Power Forwards who can score goals.
I mean Kevin Hayes is my favorite example as everyone says they wouldnt trade for him before this hot start they were adament about it.
People were still in on him because Power Forwards like him create room and force coaches more often then not to assign multiple guys to defend against.
If Power forwards were a Chess Piece they'd be The Queen as they're so rare and versitile their value stands out above the rest.

Any Position you name if you Add that kinda size and skill its coveted and of value.
Its why talented Giants like Chara , Burns,Edmundston , Hedman , ext all get the pick of the NHL teams when it comes to these big buggers who can move on Defense.
In the Net the bigger the goalie the more net he covers but when they move like Vasilevksy ,Bishop or Price that's a who other level .
Whether its Power Forwards,Giant Puck Moving D or Extremely Athletic Big Men in the Net players with Size and skill regarldess of contract always have a home in the NHL as long as they can play.

Most important to note is that everyone who plays with him succeeds.
Caufields 16 goals and 25 points in 21 games came only after Anderson joined his line day 1 under MSL.
Since then they've found an upgrade on Anderson as a Power Forward to fill that role so he was with Dvorak -Gally.
Gally's been productive and Dvorak had a hat trick.

His Physicality creates room for you to move like a Rodeo Clown he plays a role so others can Succeed.
Put him beside players who are established and not where he's playing the Veteran Mentor and maybe there's more potential in Anderson.
VGK for Karlsson i see being a good swap for both teams and players</div></div>

-- I agree with so much of it. Anderson may be on the decline but he also wrestled with injuries and consistency for many of his younger years. He is so fast and so strong (and fights BTW, at one point he took on most of our Montreal's scraps) his decline will be slow and in an increasing cap market his value is not negative.

-- I love posting deals that I don't even think are that good for my team and still seeing all the pushback. This is fun. The inspiration here is to get as many picks as possible in the hopes Montreal can come out of this draft with a top 10 pick and a good goalie prospect (by trading up).

-- Monahan will be one of Montreal's most coveted assets come trade deadline. His hips and speed are where they were 4 years ago+. He is only 28. He is known to uplift any room he is in and lead by example. He has filled every hole in Montreal this year playing on almost every line at some point and sometimes not even as a center. He has been the difference maker in 2-3 games this season.

--Kent Hughes is a genius. Montreal has won the gamble they took on him. At this point I would rather have Monahan on my team than Kadri. Think about that for a second.