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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hockeyalldayeveryday</b></div><div>Introducing The Beauty League, a league that will set out to be one of the most hardcore fantasy leagues anyone could want to be apart of! Beauty's only. Every rule, and decision was made with 2 things in mind; how can we mirror the real NHL, and how can we still make this fun. What makes this league different from some of the other larger dynasty leagues popping up is one major thing; experience. I run 1 very successful 31 team league (The Greasy Snapper) and help out in another 31 team league (GM Dynasty League). They are still running entering their 5th and 3rd seasons respectively.

Here are the main selling points, if you're interested, I can send you an invite link where you can check out the full league rules summary, and constitution.

The Beauty League is a 32 teams H2H points dynasty

- Salary cap mirroring the NHL's
- Daily lineups (but weekly sets are perfectly acceptable)
- 20 active player spots (11F, 6D, 1Skt, 2G (3 Bench -- allowing for roster creativity and flexibility in a deep league -- don't get tied down to 12 forwards when a lot of NHL teams roll 11 and 7!
- 67 TOTAL minor spots mirroring the NHL's 90 player roster limit
- $20 yearly buy in (along with Fantrax dues which is $2.50 per team for premium features), all going towards prizes (playoffs, division winners, 1st, 2nd)

- An in depth H2H scoring structure that tries to show real value and player effectiveness by utilizing some less used scoring categories-- including Corsi, Giveaways, Defensive Zone starts, and TOI-- all combined to give close to real life value. I've found in a lot of leagues good 3rd liners, and top pairing dmen are sometimes devalued, especially if they don't rack up points. This gives value to every player-- you'll still see the Draisaitl's and Pasta's at the top of the league.

- Startup draft starts in October when we have a full 32 GM roster and starts at pick 1. Unlike in a lot of other leagues we won't start with a core group of players. You'll draft everyone on your roster-- though we'll likely only go to round 60.

- Every year we'll have a 7 round entry draft held a month prior to the real draft putting an emphasis on scouting

- We'll have our own Discord where league communication, including trade talks will be mostly be conducted via text and VOICE.

- Why 32 teams and not 31? Seattle will be expanding here very shortly, and while we're excited for the expansion process in my other leagues, I think it's unfair to have people draft players this year only to have them be lost next year. We might as well get 32 good guys together this year than have to wait for one more next year!

What I'm looking for in an owner: A fun person, who loves hockey, and is willing to be active. Things in life happen, but the teams that will do best in a league like this are ones willing to invest some time 5-10 minutes every day.

If you're interested send me a reply/pm with your email and I can send you a link to the Fantrax signup page. There you can view the constitution and league rules summary (there might be some slight tinkering going on with the categories, however that will be set before the draft and locked in thereafter.) As well as ensure your place by purchasing your buy in. If you'd prefer to contact on reddit or dobber I have posts on r/findaleague, r/fantasyhockey, and dobber's league classifieds.

We're currently sitting at 13/32 spots</div></div>


I'm assuming this is a keeper league?