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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>The Islanders are a total mirage, they are a team that gets out shot and out chanced and has had unreal goaltending. Its not sustainable and this season apart from 2 hot streaks they were just treading water. They are going no where.

The one trade Dubas may have done differently in hindsight was Kadri to Colorado, although I also think its unfair to call it a failure. Kerfoot hasn't been as good as any of us hoped but its also not fair to pin it all on him. In order these are the injuries TO has had to deal with that has forced Kerfoot to change linemates ever 7 to 8 games. Hyman was hurt, then JT, and then Moore, and then Kerfoot, and then Johnsson and then Marner and then Mikheyev and then Johnsson again. Kerfoot has played 150 minutes with 5 or 6 different players or something crazy like that. He's never had the chance to settle into a position or a line. I think he may still pan out but we'll see. Barrie was really bad under Babs but Babs was so bad this year. Just stubborn and unwilling to change anything. Under Keefe Barrie was much better, when he and Rielly were together, they had something like 60% expected goals which is insane.

Beyond that trade, he's done very well, so that is another overreaction.

As for overpaying his stars, that really isn't a thing. Its also something Montreal fans who support MB have no business commenting on. Price's contract is bad, Matthews is fine, so is JT's and Marner's is fine as well. Nylander's is an outright steal.

People on here will say Marner is over paid but then say Lou has done a great job in New York where he signed Lee and Eberle to more than what Marner makes. I'll take a 23 year old likely 100 point player over those two 30+ year olds 100% of the time. Stars getting star money isn't a problem, mid range players getting 5+ and term into their 30's are contracts that bite you in the ass. Matthews Marner and Nylander will never be a problem. Neither will JT, when he starts showing his age, he'll be carried by the young guns and still produce. He won't be like Getzlaf and have to carry a team that isn't good.</div></div>

It's not really fair to say Price's contract is bad. He won the William M Jennings, Vezina, Ted Lindsay, Hart all in the same season. Dubas overpaid Matthews and only got 1 year of UFA years. He paid them all money which should've locked them up for 8 years, but instead it seems like he gave the players the term and AAV they wanted (hence why he was voted the best GM to deal with from agents). None of those contracts are fine except Nylander (Was not worth it when he signed). You don't just go around paying players 10+ Million dollars simply for putting up points. It's a recipe for disaster.

I'm not really sure why we are talking about Lou, at the end of the day, a GM's success is judged by the team's success. Toronto still has yet to make it past the 1st round even though they are trading futures to win now. I'm not trying to debate that Lou is a good GM, but I do believe he is better than Dubas.
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