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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Howisjulienstillhere</b></div><div>You appear to have been a scout for the Habs based on a comment above so this is some interesting inside. I just wonder about the upside of the picks. I quite like warren especially at 65 but, he and lamoroux are bottom pair guys maybe 2 pair if everything works for warren but I don’t really like lamoroux, kinda awkward out there and not great at much. Goyette is solid but will be be anything more than a decently skilled third line passer(basically drouin). Chesley is solid especially considering our lack of good rhd prospects but he’s rhd version of guhle( not as tough though)

I’d have to see every other pick you made but guys like firkus, lambert(who knows teams are weird some times) miroschnichenko, gleb etc... have much higher upside

I wouldn’t mind a safe pick and a swing but grabbing 3 shut down rhd and a 3 line passer at best isn’t the best use of resources in my opinion

Also we have two seconds...</div></div>

I coached &amp; scouted from 1992 until 2015. I could have continued but my kids needed me more at home during their teenage years. I had a decent size summer camp from 1998 until 2014 and that’s where I met most of the players as my camps included mental training &amp; dryland training.

On draft day so many parts change so who knows who is available once it’s your turn. 50% of drafted players play in the NHL. I believe long term (3 to 4 years) the Habs are Ghule, Barron, Romanov, Mailloux, Harris. 5,6,7 should include Arber on the left &amp; one of the 3 RD’s.

Plus of the 5 players I mentioned only Wright has shot of playing right away, so other 4 have time to develop.