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Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 5:00 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Howisjulienstillhere</b></div><div>Mixed emotions with bergevin for me

He’s been 10x better recently but still a couple of iffy move. Giving Suzuki 8 for nothing but not giving kk a chance? Not upgrading at c this offseason.

And holding onto Timmons way too ****ing long, he’s been better recently but still not great

Gotta give bergevin some credit though for some nice moves of late. Also is the gutsiest gm in the league

Do think he’s done after this season, his choice</div></div>

KK would still be playing with the Habs if not for Carolina's completely absurd offer. They were being cheeky and wanted to play immature games. I completely agree with Montreal to take the picks and go get Dvorak. So you can't blame Bergevin on that. Suzuki is and will be a very productive player, he will settle down with his new contract and play much better, give him a little more time. But not a bad contract for a 1st line Centre in the NHL.

I strongly disliked Timmins and often called for his resignation but I will give credit, he has done much better his last 4 drafts. My gut tells me Marc will move closer to his kids. I was a GM in Junior and my phone rang constantly, I could not even enjoy a meal with my family without my phone ringing, so I can only imagine what it is like at the NHL level.

What I do not like on capfriendly and RDS, is that people comment based on if the team won or lost. We lose a few and it is full of crazy trades and they hate Bergevin. We win a few and people like the team and Bergevin. It must be frustrating living a life based on emotions.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 4:16 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsFan33</b></div><div>Do you work for the Habs? Are you part of Bergevin's inner circle? How in the hell would you know if they're not interested in Tierney? You can say that you don't like or want Tierney but to say they are not interested is BS. When will people on this site stop acting like they are representing their teams and speaking on their behalf.

That being said, he would be a great 3C that would provide more offensive upside than Evans but be just as responsible defensively. That way Dvorak could be allowed to focus more on offense while still being a player DD could use in all situations. And frankly, with the cap hell MB has put MTL in with the Suzuki contract, the Habs options for a reliable 3C that's affordable are slim. That's the reason I gave Tierney a 5 yr deal so the cap hit could be as reasonable as possible.</div></div>

Evans was in my summer camps for 6 years. I worked with Dom in 2009 &amp; 2013. Dom used to come to my summer camps with Pascal Vincent, Joel Bouchard &amp; Vincent Riendeau to scout some players from Ontario to play in the Q when they were coaching in Junior.

Dom, loves Evans defensive game and with very capable wingers that should put the puck in the net with Suze and D-Vo that add offense, this team will eventually unlock and score some goals. TIerney costs $1800000 more per season than Evans, from the cap you mentioned.

Suze is currently trying to justify this big contract. He was on the phone with Ryan (his brother) saying remember when we played EA sports and we would assign big contracts, well it just happened. Once he settles at his subconscious mind that the contract is not going away and he will be worth that, he will settle down and play better. All teams currently or will have cap issues, it is the reality of the "new" NHL. Teams with cap space will pluck players from teams up against the cap and it will be a continuous merry go round of ups and downs. It is the new reality of the cap structure.
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