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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>crankshaft</b></div><div>But you do understand that telling people on a fan GM site that you were a scout does come off as false. Not saying you weren't a scout. I just followed McRanteskog in the desire to know who else was taking Mailloux in the 2nd as I like he/she/they like sources to go with statements.

As a scout/former scout, what do you think about Ned Coletti scouting for SJS?</div></div>

I’ve never met him and know very little about him. I know he was involved in baseball. So not sure, if you are wondering how he will do in hockey. Now you might think I’m name dropping again but Roger Neilson was a very good friend of mine and I did over a dozen camps with him. His start in coaching was not in hockey. So people can cross over.

I know there are plenty of liars online but with God as my witness I was heavily involved in hockey and was paid to do it. I used to use my real name online but some people called the team I was working for and were rude and annoying to the OHL team. I still enjoy the game and do contract work. I could be full time but my wife and I enjoy Florida too much in the winters. I have nothing to gain on here. I’m not selling anything, not asking for money, not arguing or making fun of anyone.

I grew up a Habs fan from my dad &amp; grandad. A few of my friends played for Habs &amp; they would also like to come on capfriendly but they also get mocked. One of them won the cup in 93 and he got mocked. He lasted 3 days on here. So it is what it is.
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