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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>If you go into advanced stats though Gudbranson is just a plug who is slow and tough. He's only valuable to people who value a big guy that'll drop the gloves. Outside of that Ceci is better. Better skater, better puck mover and as good defensively. Although I would say they are very close all around. I think people are doing the whole, if there is any difference let's blow it out of proportion on this one.

If they could be rated out of a hundred, the difference isn't much. Maybe Ceci is a point or two better. The extra year at 4 million is a problem for Gudbranson though.</div></div>

Let's put aside for the moment that Toronto is a team desperately in need of some toughness, a quality you need to go deep into the playoffs. When I see him play, I see a blueliner who is very sound defensively, rarely gets beaten by speed due to his experience, and rarely commits giveaways (unlike his mates Lindholm, Fowler and Manson, all of whom can be counted on for one or two howlers every game). Right now you have Holl and Liljegren signed for the right side. The only reasonable RhD (to me) that will be available as a free agent is Dylan Demelo. Even the addition of Demelo doesn't make the right side of your defense look playoff-level, and he will be getting offers from at least six teams that I can think of, reducing your chances of landing him even if Dubas is interested. So you'll be down to acquiring someone by trade. I don't see a lot of competent RhD's making less than $4MM in the trade market. Try naming three.
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