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15 jun 2015
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Penguins de Pittsburgh
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Golden Knights de Vegas
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Penguins21</b></div><div>McCann is not a center. He’s not a playmaker. He’s a goal scorer. Wing is where he belongs.

I don’t know why people hate Jankowski? Why wouldn’t you want Janko to get back to a 3rd Center production
Like his 1st 2 years.

Jankowski is coming off the team that drafted him and his entry-level deal. And you know you are getting a top PK Forward and atleast a really good defensive center.

If Janko improved last year or just didn’t have a down year. He’d be a top FA. 1st year, 17 goals and 25 points. 2nd year, 14 goals and 32 points.

Yes, last year he sh*t the bed. But last year is easy to write-off(for everyone..lol). Imagine if he just improved alittle bit again or stayed relatively the same. The narrative would be completely different. A 25 year old, former 1st round pick. Coming off his 1st team, ready for a change of scenery and his break-out year. And maybe CGY just used him wrong.

But now, it’s a show-me contract. Show me you can get back on track and last year was a fluke. But again, it was only his 3rd year and a weird year. And had 2 descent years prior. And is a good defensive Center and really good on the PK.

Janko is our 3rd line Center(unless we sign Haula, and I wouldn’t hold my breathe), and McCann is our 3rd line LW. We need help on that 3rd line RW. I would like the Pens to sign Kovalchuk more than Haula and then have our 3rd line set and move Rodrigues to the 4th line RW, with Tanev/Blueger, until Z.A.R. Is back and healthy.</div></div>

Yo how could you get the impression from my team that I hated the guy or don’t want him or any penguin to succeed?
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