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28 aoû 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JmoneyTalk</b></div><div>It made sense in the fact you slide 1 down the RW and you're just that much deeper there and he can play center, Draisaitl play with McDavid on the LW and Nuge play with Sam on the LW. Doesn't hurt to have wingers/centers that are versatile. And he actually didn't say they were untouchable, he said nothing about Broberg actually but either way he said he would trade the first for a top 6 player with term. The fact that Sam is an RFA pretty much puts him in that category, not to mention he may not cost as much either considering he's a 50 point player with one season in the 60s. I also did say Holland would very much sooner make a move for a LW in that category. Either way, is Sam was actually available and he could be had for cheap I can't see a team not trading for him and as a lifetime Oilers fan I wouldn't be upset if it costs a first and good prospect. Regardless, can't see BUF trading him, he's young, he's good, he's an RFA.</div></div>

First Holland’s not moving his first ever pick as the oilers GM a yr after he drafted Broberg plus he’s Klefs replacement as Klef is never playing again.
Correct he did say he’d move his first for a player with term, Sam isn’t that guy he’s a pending RFA meaning zero cost certainty, secondly Sam is more a playmaker then a finisher not something Edmonton needs in its top 6, they need finishers as Kahun has been a bust as Draisaitls trigger man.
Again he makes zero sense to the oilers, doesn’t have term and doesn’t fit into our top 6, again they pulled this out of their asses no one else is taking about this.
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