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The draft: Stutzle is great, super excited to see him play. Sanderson is understandable, needed as our D in about year is going to be crazy good. Greig is going to be the sandpaper 3rd-4th line centre. Everything after that confuses as it's a wait and see approach for the future.

The trades: Great price for 2-time Stanley Cup winning goalie. I'm glad we didn't have to trade a major asset for him. It also shuts up the Pens fans saying they were getting a 1st round pick/a top 6 centre.

The RFAs: Duclair not being qualified is baffling. Duclair representing himself is even more baffling. Duclair is about to lose a ton of money because of the market. He has no grounds to negotiate when he's so been inconsistent. He was liked here, had top 6 minutes, coach trusted him... I think he wanted a massive raise and a 1 or 2 year more on the term (ex: 4 years at 5 per).

I see us improving ever so slightly next year, but still out of the playoffs.