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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BestGMBenning</b></div><div>Zboril I will agree has been a nice addition and Urho has as well. It’s just the way they’ve aged. DeBrusk has fallen off a cliff. Senyshyn really hasn’t been good. Their best pick ups were players in the 2nd round and one of them is no longer on the team and another isn’t in the NHL anymore. But I guess their defence depth is fine. But the forward depth is just not that great. Most of them in the past years have been at best 3rd-4th line players. Like Oskar Steen and Anton Blidh. They may have found their way onto the roster but they aren’t high impact prospects. They already have a good defence group that we’re grown through Boston’s system but they don’t have any prospects that have grown in to top 6 players. They can’t keep relying on free agency to bring the top 6 players in. And the only great assets they have to offer up in trades are draft picks. Like it or not the prospect pool still isn’t super strong.</div></div>

There were multiple reasons why Debrusk fell off. The last 2 months he’s back to his normal production and playing well.

You act like Zboril and Urho are at the end of their careers. They have 10+ years ahead of them.

Don’t sleep on Steen. Put up numbers overseas. Was 10g 10a in 16games at Prov. Would not be surprised if he gets to 2nd line at some point in his career.

Where players were drafted is irrelevant. Bergeron was 2nd. Marchand was a 3rd. It’s what they become that matters.

Bergy and Rask could retire at years end. Losing Bergy will be painful. Marchand getting up there. The rest of the team will be together for years. Hate to break it to you but they will remain competitive for years.
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Lysell, Lohrei, 1sts can get anyone available . Don’t have to be deep just need a a couple.

The real question is should they? They can’t afford to trade away the few valuable prospects for rentals for that very reason.

Outside of the prospect pool being shallow, it is, the rest of your take is pretty bad.

Boston has a long history of bringing in mediocre vets to block young players.

People had written off Zboril and Urho for the same reason you brought up, they had not been brought up an made an impact. Depth chart matters. Zboril was buried behind Chara, Krug, Grizz for a couple of years. You benching them? When Z and TK left Zboril took a spot and had some good moments and growing pains before getting hurt last year. This year was playing very well. His injury and Covid made calling up Urho a necessity, now he’s been playing 22m a night on the 1st pair and playing well. Both need a permanent spot in the lineup next year.

It’s about opportunity.

Steen forced his way not only to stay up but in the lineup when he got the chance. Same with Blidh.

Studnicka is the next one. Written off by many because it seems like he’s been around forever. He’s 22. College senior age. Less than 100 games in the AHL while averaging .79ppg there. If he was somewhere else he’d have a role. In Boston he has to wait.

2015 7 picks in first 3 rounds. 5 are in the NHL. Senyshyn, the only really bad pick, leading Prov in goals. JFK in Europe to be close to family. Were mistakes made, sure, they went off board and it cost them. A Donny trait for years to come. Had they taken 1 of the guys they passed on instead of Seny nobody would mention 2015 other than to say what a great draft it was for them. How often does a team pull 5 or 6 NHLers in one draft? I remember Edmonton having 11 picks in a draft and not one of them ever played in the NHL. Pretty much every team, every year, could have drafted better. It’s not a sure thing.
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