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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>This is BOS's final season to contend before the Team gets torn apart or a major facelift imo

Studnicka's not very good and hasn't lived up to his Draft Pedigree and Beecher likely needs more time in the AHL before he's ready to assume full-time NHL duties.

Of the 8 D-Men you have, 2 are injured. Carrick is an option, but hasn't been very good in the NHL, hence why they brought Stralman in on a PTO. DeSimone isn't the best option CGY could offer, but he's been pretty impressive in Training Camp, so might be of interest to BOS as additional injury coverage and insurance

My proposal had us helping you with Nosek by taking him off your hands and providing you with a proven 4C and Excellent Penalty Killer in Rooney, since he might have been beaten out in training Camp by Lewis &amp; Eakin, but figuring out what to do with Foligno would still be your guys' problem. All contenders like to have a Big Physical Enforcer &amp; Intimidator like Lucic, especially for the Playoffs. He's negative value at $5.25mil/yr for sure, but at $2.625mil he has value and can still contribute offensively. Sure he's slower and isn't the best defensively, but I wouldn't consider Lucic, nor any of the players I've proposed for that matter "garbage"

Pretty Sure BOS was interested in Milano, but weren't able to land him. For whatever reason he chose CGY as his PTO destination, but I'm not impressed by him and if he won't make the Flames, why not broker a deal to have him go to the Bruins. Might be good for the player and a way BOS ensures they land him this time</div></div>

Well we’ll see about it being their final year. That goes out the window with a couple resignings. Boston ownership will not allow a tear down anyway.

Nothing here helps them contend this year. Nothing.

Studnicka along with Greer and Beecher have been the standout forwards in camp/pre season and has likely won not only roster spot but a full time role to start the year ahead of Nosek.

The only thing I agree with. Nosek needs to go. And Rooney is the same player he is. Don’t need him either.

Desimone would be 10th on the depth chart at best. No need.

Boston was never tied to Milano. Their top 9 wings were set from the start with no room for Lysell to break in.

Foligno 82 game pace last year was 16 points 210 hits. How is that any different than Looch who had 21 and 209 in 82? He is also better skater and better defensively. I’d rather Foligno of the two.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>Maybe, maybe not. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but the players might want/like Looch back, so it could be a Team Moral type move

BOS could use a better 4C, so I offered local guy Rooney, an extra RD for depth (if Stralman doesn't work out or gets injured), so I offered Desimone and a cheap Winger to replace Smith, so I offered Milano. CGY doesn't want Nosek either, hence why I flipped him to ARI, but we could use a Physical and Defensively Sound RW in Smith and a Cheaper Version and Future Replacement for Lucic, hence AJ Greer</div></div>

Boston has Studnicka and Beecher battling for roster spots, both centers, both better options than Nosek or Rooney.

Bs have 8 d men under contract plus Stralman. Plus Carrick they have to put through waivers. They don’t need to add more.

The only thing Boston needs to do is move a couple of players for picks/prospects/nothing.

They have to many players for to few spots and none are waiver exempt for Beecher.

They don’t need to add players.

Looch Is a liability no matter how you want try to sell it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The most valuable piece in that package is Milano and Bs could have had him for nothing. The rest is garbage. I would not give up one of Bostons pieces for the entire package. Nosek for Desimone. Sure. You can claim him back when Boston puts him on waivers. Other than that it’s just terrible for Boston.

No team that wants to compete can carry 6.5m of cap hit towards Foligno and Looch.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Garak</b></div><div>Better than all of them? That is very much debatable. Considering Johnson, Stillman, and Jones cap hits and what they provide, I personally don't think Reilly is much of an improvement, if any. And we have plenty of young prospects fighting for NHL roster spots as it is, and some of them deserve it. Jones and Stillman are significantly younger (in hockey years), have steadily improved, have significantly lower cap hits, and if they were to be even marginally better this year under our new coaching staff, they would easily have more trade value than Reilly. Plus, CHI wouldn't have to retain on them at the TDL. Which, retention slots are another thing that is valuable to CHI right now. We already have too much trade bait as it is. And again, CHI is NOT trying to improve, they aren't buying, therefore they should NOT be interested in Reilly unless they are receiving some sort of assets to take on his contract.</div></div>

Those 3 are nothing more than 3rd pair type. Reilly is not much more than that but he has played 2nd pair minutes at times for multiple teams.

It’s not about Chi getting better now it’s about turning something into nothing.

Reality is while Reilly’s value is a mid round pick, to acquire him now under the circumstances would take far less. A low end prospect who likely never makes the NHL, or a career AHLer like Sikura, or even future considerations. Eventually you flip him for the 3rd he’s worth when the market is ripe. It’s a no lose situation really. 🤷🏻‍♂️

No worries, Sweeney couldn’t manage a lemonade stand. He will hold onto him due to injuries to Grizz and Mac and shed salary elsewhere making the team weaker.