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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Biglug</b></div><div>You do make some good points. Maybe I am hoping to get Debrusk for too little. I like the guy, so this is definitely an Oilers fan’s perspective hoping to buy low on a guy who’s being sold low.

But I would suggest that you’re likely going to trade the guy due to how the coach seems to value him, and you’re selling low. Prepare to be underwhelmed with the return. I think you could do worse than Kassian. I don’t see it as a cap dump. He’s a beauty. If you think Ritchie is too slow, you won’t have that problem with Kassian. He’s got decent hands and probably better fists. And I’m not sure you can tell me that the bruins don’t value that type of player based on the very fact that they employ Ritchie.

And Jones will be an NHL regular. Later developing than Carlo, but most are. But to be fair, he’s not likely going to be a top 4 stud. Just not sure you’ll get that in a debrusk trade right now.

Two guys who will help you next year is decent. I agree that you should take a better deal if it’s out there. As an Oilers fan, I just hope that deal isn’t out there.</div></div>

I think he needs a change of scenery. And i think there is a good chance he does get dealt. And i think it will be another in a long line of players they gave up on too early.

He was averaging 25g per 82 games til Covid. Since the bubble he’s struggled. He’s been depressed due to isolation. He had a couple of minor injuries. 2 positive Covid tests. Been demoted. Been benched. Moved to RW where he sucks. It’s no wonder he struggled.

Boston does something like this, he plays on the first line with Conner, scores 30 goals, and Boston is left holding a pair of spare parts it would be the nail in the coffin for Don S.

They don’t view Debrusk as bottom 6 FW. He just played like one last year. But he is not going to play above Marchy and Hall either.

If they can get a deal that makes sense. Go for it. But if not, don’t rush in to a bad deal when his value is at his lowest just for the sake of moving him.
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Sujet: Maybe this
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Biglug</b></div><div>Feel free to take the pick off. I don’t think you’re getting as much as you’d want in a return for Debrusk thanks to Cassidy putting him in the dog house and deeming him not good enough for the playoff roster. Bruins are slim on D and reportedly likely to lose a D in expansion too. Jones is a puck mover with upside. Kassian plays Bruin style hockey and could maybe even talk Cassidy into putting him on the ice. I don’t think it’s that far off.</div></div>

He played 10 of their 11 playoff games so i’m not sure where you get the idea “he was not good enough for their playoff roster”

They can always trade him for trash, no need to rush to make a bad deal, if they can’t get what they want they will just hold him.🤷🏻‍♂️

Jones is 24, for perspective Carlo is 24 and been a mainstay for 5 years, Mac and Lauzon are 23. Full roles. Jones has been nothing more than a fill in on a team that desperately needs D especially with Klef out. Still can’t crack the lineup regularly. His stat line in 93 games in 3 years is less than John Moore in 90 games in 3 years as a Bruin. His ceiling is not much higher.

Debrusk is averaging 22g for 82 games even after a disaster season.

Sorry, it’s not close at all. I’d give you a 3rd for Jones. I would not give you Debrusk for Kassian unless you added a 1st. So add your 1st to this package, then we can talk. I still would not do it but at least it’s closer to FMV.

Boston needs an LD1 and a big nasty LD. Adding another 3rd pair LD to the pile of 3rd pair LD they already have does nothing for them.

It’s not the 70’s, Kassian does not play Bruin style of hockey. As it is they want Ritchie gone as he’s to slow, and he’s far more productive than Kassian.

If you want Ritchie for Caleb Jones, we can talk. You can keep Kassian.
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