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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>That's fair, although I'm not saying the 1C is a big problem for the Bruins for now just that it technically would be a bigger hole filled than the 3C hole that would be made. The question then would be how much assets would it cost to replace Coyle and if they have the cap. I would also say that Lindholm is a better option, but maybe just letting Zacha + Coyle take care of that role is the best option for now. Even if his shooting % comes down, but if he sustains it long enough I'm sure it would be a massive boost of confidence then maybe Zacha turns into a legit top 6 C center. He's 26 but there must be a reason that he was selected 6th OV in 2015. Maybe he could be the next J.T. Miller.

I agree that if they are just making one move they should upgrade that LD and try to get Hanifin, if they can do more (like getting Lindholm as well) that would be great. What's your thoughts on Krug returning? I remember a Bruin fan wanted that to happen in the off-season, just don't remember if it was your or not.</div></div>

No, wasn’t me on Krug.

Only way i’d consider it is 50% retention in the offseason for very little return, even then i don’t know. As a 3rd pair guy, PP QB he’d be ok, but contract length even with retention a little much.

Cap space will limit what they can do. Don has wanted Noah since he was in high school. Won’t be surprised he if takes a shot. I just don’t see how they can do both Elias and Noah unless Boston is willing not draft until 2017 and give up the only 2 prospects they have that project to be more than roster fillers.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>I'm not saying the Bruins would do it and I also wasn't talking about trade value. You said "if [the Bruins] decide to add another center they will do it without creating a bigger hole than they are fixing." I'm saying they wouldn't be doing that because Tavares fills the 1C role and the only thing that you are losing is the strong defensive game of Coyle which is something a good 3C could do. So, you're moving the 1C hole to a 3C which is a smaller hole that typically could be fixed easier. So, I'm saying it's not a bad option.

I then said, the Bruins could have better options out there where they can keep Coyle and trade their 1st+3rd (even if they might have to add more) for a C or D like Lindholm or Hanifin who would likely be around longer than Tavares. Lindholm is also a better fit than Tavares is for the Bruins imo.

I feel like you didn't read what I wrote, but I can't blame you it's pretty late.</div></div>

No. I heard you. I just don’t think in the 1C is as big as a problem that it’s made out to be.

Zacha and Coyle are on pace to outproduce Bergy and DK from last year.

They won’t sustain their high shooting %. But as long as they continue to play this way, combined with the early arrival of Poitras the top 9 center slot has been a strength as opposed to a weakness. Could they use a stud? Sure. Who couldn’t? But it is not a pressing need…for now. They need to upgrade LD, ongoing problem since big Z and Krug, a goal scoring RW, and a goon more than they need the 1C currently.

Neither Zacha or Poitras going to fill the role Coyle does if he is moved. Beecher in a few years maybe.
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