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Forum: Armchair-GM28 sept. 2023 à 2 h 24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>csick

Pinto or not :

Tkachuk - Stutzle - Tarasenko
Kubalik - Norris - Batherson
Greig - Giroux - Joseph
Reinhardt - Kastelic - MacEwen

I dunno man, it might not be as funny as you seem to think. 82 games paces from last season (except Norris) :

Stutzle (95) vs Matthews (94)
Tkachuk (83) vs Marner (101)
Giroux (79) vs Nylander (87)
Norris (68) vs Tavares (82)
Batherson (62) vs Domi (57)
Tarasenko (59) vs Bertuzzi (49)
Kubalik (46) vs Jarnkrok (44)
Pinto (35) vs Kampf (27)
Joseph (26) vs Lafferty (32)
Kastelic (14) vs Robertson (*)
Greig (**) vs Knies (***)
Unknown (****) vs Reaves (17)

* 31 NHL GP over 3 seasons, 7 Points
** 20 NHL GP, 9 Points
*** 3 NHL GP, 1 Point
**** could be Reinhardt, Sokolov, Smejkal, Crookshank, etc

It's even less funny when you realize that Tim Stutzle started the season as a 20 y/o, that Batherson was injured all year, that Tarasenko was also injured and paced for 90 pts the season before. These Norris numbers were his 22 y/o season, Pinto as well just after missing a whole season too,

If the Sens remain healthy, I think you might be due for a shock

:tearsofjoy damn man

Before his riddled injured season... Norris scored 47 goals in 91 games, that's 0.52 GPG (which was the 12th best in the NHL during that 1.5 years stretch)

You know who had a better goal scoring rate on Leafs last season? Only Auston Matthews, 0.54 GPG</div></div>

Cool amd all but still will be hard to make the playoffs as we are at the top