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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>Yeah, a team like Pittsburgh may have more difficult time putting together a competitive offer.

But if they sell-off into 2024 deadline, add some good pieces, than maybe they could swing it over the summer if they are trying to retool quickly.</div></div>

I think the amount of media speculation that Verbeek is looking for a divorce is way overblown. Yeah, I'm sure Zegras isn't the same level of untouchable as Carlsson and Gauthier are, but Verbeek also knows he's incredibly skilled and brings a lot to the team, and giving that up for something less than answering a very serious need on the roster just isn't worth it, and late 1sts that become middle 6 grinders isn't worth it when we've got a pipeline already chocked full of those players.

And I can tell you, the Ducks haven't looked any better defensively with him out of the lineup, but there's been a notable lack of offense in his absence, wins have been coming by way of the other teams goalie being unable to stop a beach ball. We just blew a 48 save performance by Gibby last night in LA because McTavish and Killorn couldn't put one away in the shootout. Had Zegras been there, high confidence we would have won that game.

I guess a TL: DR wrapup, a quantity return only adds to Anaheims already great depth across the middle 6, since we're not lacking there, there's no reason to take that as a return. It'll take a potential 1RD or 1RW as the basis of the trade to work.
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