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Random night thought. Comparing nhl teams to nba teams

Golden state - Avalanche
Skill from top to bottom represents the new era and type of play in their respective leagues

Bucks - Tampa
Steady, well coached, complete lineup, good mix of defensive and offensive guys, young guys and vets, winning philosophy

Nets -leafs
Small core group of players that get most of the touches but dynamic, this year brought in good group of depth everyone’s contributing what they can but the core still dominates, looks to avenge past early playoff outs

Lakers - Oilers
Just cause if the Lebron - mcdavid comparison and not the best team built around the king. Playoff berth questionable for both

Grizzlies - Devils
Young teams taking over the league, exciting players, can they beat the juggernaut teams in the playoffs?

Celtics - Bruins
Full commitment to defense, Boston connection, has an edge to them, winning philosophy

Heat - Hurricanes
History of deep runs but current group hasn’t gotten it done yet. Well coached, has a star player (butler, aho) but considered not enough of a star to lead a team to win it all

Cavaliers - stars
Seemed like they were washed, vets not what they were, but young guys taking the reigns, defensive commitment, looks like a tough out in the playoffs

Clippers - Jets
Always predicted to make deep runs kept disappointing, injuries hindered the team the past couple years, media talks about locker room issues, look scary again

Bulls - Flames
Attempted a new “big 3” but disappointing, had a lot of expectations at the time, good individual pieces on the team, a little older

Nuggets/Mavs- Wild
Nice mix of young guys and vets, one huge star that brings the team together (jokic, Luka, Kaprizov)

76ers - Vegas
Drama, stars getting moved for stars, hurt feelings, crazy fans, big hype, high expectations sorta not but sorta are being met

Hawks - canucks
Odd moves, maybe should’ve rebuilt, continuing to add pieces, now considering rebuild, have some good players but the mix doesn’t work, league is watching to pull trigger on trades
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