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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LordStanlersCup</b></div><div>Idk what you mean by toronto insiders. Seravalli was the one who said that hanifin would prefer to go to tampa and he isnt very credible and then Chris Johnston said that tampa might be looking at Hanifin but there are also like 6 other teams looking at Hanifin. If JBB was looking to move on from stamkos dont you think he would have at least tried to trade him? I also dont know what hedman has to do with Hanifin, they would have enough cap for both of them especially if stamkos goes. Tampa has also been in and out of trade rumours throughout the years I wouldnt say this is the first time. Not everything needs to be a conspiracy theory :tearsofjoy</div></div>

I mean Seravalli also leaked the entire seattle expansion team. Its definitely a conspiracy theory i made up but its just weird with this team playing the way that it is, having the assets that they have and these guys going watch out for tampa and Hanafin. They were surface level connected to guys in previous years from a logical like JBB will definitely be looking to add on defense maybe this guy, and JBB is known to be aggressive and the team was going on runs. We're 1 year removed from a 1st round exit, we're in a wild card spot, the whole stamkos contract situation, again inferring that maybe this was in the plans over the summer. I don't think he would ever trade stamkos cause the fan base would go on a riot and the lockerroom would be pissed but if he walks from a lowball contract similar to Killorn I think it would be more digestible
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CantStopWontStop</b></div><div>Various rumor ppls thinking Lindholm to Vancouver is a thing and as a fan of a different team that’s scary to consider.

On Corey Perry: the more I think about it, I’m guessing what he did was very mild, probably less than threatening to end the bloodlines of various police officers while recovering from a car crash on private property -but- he was overpayed to come mentor Bedard and other young ones in the wake of toews kane departure. Chicago rightfully ejected him because he’s not worth 4 mil on the ice, and the 4 mil they were giving him was for off the ice, and if you’re getting paid 4 mil off the ice then you can’t cross those lines…that’s a lot of money to do a simple job. Ya gotta eject him. Is what it is.

But if Edmonton gets him at league min that’s different, super good, he’s worth that on the ice. Almost seems like the nhl needs to further modify 35+ contracts - as the majority of the pay is often for “intangibles”, as they won’t let this be precedent except that isn’t how it works - it is precedent whether they like it or not, so they’ll fight it, and the grey area of various “personal conduct” clauses will be fought over and settled.

I do not personally care about what Corey Perry did. But I’m interested to know what is established as an act that can void a 4 mil contract. I wonder how often a similar act occurs. If they settle and 50/50 the contract I wager the next wave of contracts have different, stronger, specific personal conduct language. This will absolutely be weaponized by a specific type of owner…..</div></div>

Something happened cause I think right before he was cut Pat Morris reported that he was going to take a step away from the blackhawks to deal with a personal matter I guess to try to get a ahead of the news. It didn't play out like an unjust cutting like the Mike Richards situation with the LA kings. Perry talked to Bettman who basically cleared him? to join another team I'm sure he would've gotten the Blackhawks side of the story so it wasn't that bad probably not bad at all but it messed with the lockerroom im guessing
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