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10 jun 2016
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14 jui 1985
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HadesOfSoCal</b></div><div>I understand rebuilding, it can suck. But Bob Murray does it terribly. He doesn't trade for young assets, he brings in old useless 4th liners and doesn't give time to young players who deserve enough. Comtois should definitely be in the lineup over someone like ****ing Rowney or Deslauriers. And why do we still have Manson? He should be gone by now. There were plenty of teams interested but Bob Murray is such an idiot and thought it would be worth it to keep him over guys like Montour and Theodore.

Obviously it's painful to watch a team rebuild, but when the team does absolutely nothing and makes their fans rot, it's absolutely unenjoyable. I'd rather be a mediocre wildcard team for a while than sit and wait for 5+ years to actually watch some enjoyable ****ing hockey. At this point, we're watching paint dry. We're losing fans and losing money. Murray needs to go and Madden needs to take the reigns.

Gibson's prime is going to be wasted on a team who's purposely sucking unless Murray does something smart ( which guess what, he won't )</div></div>

Respectfully I am going to disagree. You don't want MC playing the role of Rowney or Deslauriers. If they are not in a position to play to their strengths then they should be playing elsewhere. There are roles on the roster that need to be filled. Not everyone can be a scorer. Nor do we want our future scorers to develop the habits of a grinder. Its the same reason we have Manson. We need guys to play those defensive roles. I imagine that we waived Djoos over Larsson specifically because we needed to keep someone who can play PK. There is a reason why a team like Toronto struggles as much as they do. I doubt you would see much change in the direction of the team once Madden takes over either. Also looking at the Vegas expansion draft in hindsight is the epitome of a poor assessment.
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