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26 jan 2018
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Forum: Toronto Maple Leafsil y a 20 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 7:17 pm
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 4:18 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NazemKadri43</b></div><div>Nope, you're all wrong. Hyman will be left unprotected for the purpose of protecting Justin Holl, to then sign an extension after the draft. I don't know about your GM, but Dubas will play with the Seattle Expansion draft similar to how he played with the cap before the trade deadline (acquiring Riley Nash for the playoffs, but to use his cap space during the regular season). Hyman will be praised and loved even more if he signed his discount extension after the draft than before, knowing we can protect another player who could be chosen. However, all of this is easy for you to say from your Oilers perspective since Hyman would be the third best player on your team</div></div>

No one ever does that. They make trades to protect players, that’s all you can really do. Also when you’re saying “you’re all wrong” you’re also saying that to about 90% of the Leafs fan base, just because they don’t agree with you, it doesn’t make sense. What you’re coming up with is a master plan out of your own head, it’s all only just speculation from an armchair gm and can only be narrowed down to a conspiracy theory unless you show me some sufficient evidence of Dubas saying this. The expansion draft is going to be a whole different animal than the trade deadline and making cap moves to boost your team. You’re hiding behind a false hope that he would come back if selected let alone take a huge discount, it’s ridiculous.

I also might be an Oilers fan but I’m not delusional or biased I’m reasonable and you’re not being that as a Leafs fan. Also I would value Darnell Nurse higher than Hyman 100 percent, he’s a better than almost every dman but maybe Rielly this year. He’s scoring 5 less points than Hyman, also being defensively sound, great analytical numbers I can actually back up, he’s young, playing on the top pair, he’s aggressive and tenacious which is good for the playoffs and has potential as one of the better #2 Dmen in the league. That’s a very reasonable statement. Also Nuge and Hyman is a debate that can’t be won with Oilers vs Leafs fans so we also won’t go there. But cmon man work with me, you’re sounding a bit off with your argument
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 2:21 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NazemKadri43</b></div><div>The reason the Oilers have no cap space is that your GM plays checkers while Kyle Dubas plays 4D chess. The "incentive that Hyman is not worthy enough to protect" is untrue. If he isn't worthy enough to protect, then there would be no reason to play him on a line with Matthews/Marner or Nylander/Tavares, and he would be traded to accumulate assets for the future. There wouldn't be a documentary, created by the Leafs, if he was projected to leave during the offseason. The organization knows he will re-sign and both parties will do everything they can to make the cap work. Also, don't give me the BS excuse that "the Leafs create documentaries for all of their players". We never made a documentary for Alex Kerfoot or for Tyson Barrie when he was with the Leafs. I know that you're upset over the fact that Toronto is more attractive market than Edmonton, but at least you have guys like Tyson Barrie, Kyle Turris, Alex Chaisson, Zach Kassian, Jujhar Khaira, Shore, Kahun, Archibald, and don't even get me started on the rest of the defense. I would be embarrassed by my GM to ice a team like that and try to go for a playoff run. 99% of the players I listed would either be on the 4th line, taxi squad, or the Marlies.</div></div>

Even if that were true, you’re quite possibly the only Leafs fan or part of the VERY minuscule minority that think this will happen and there’s evidence behind that. Hyman’s going to be protected and he won’t resign to a massive discount. Even fans think he’ll sign for around 5 mill even on that documentary video’s comments, you’re not thinking straight right now. You just don’t unprotect a player like that and you’re just making a presumption based on no feasible evidence just like you’re making the assumption that I’m mad about Toronto vs Edmonton being a better trade or FA destination, most players pick Toronto, I wasn’t agitated or disagreeing with that. It’s just the fact you believe we don’t have a chance with any of the top players in FA in the off season solely based on that reason. I simply rebuttal with the fact we have never had enough salary cap space. Also all of those players you’ve listed do not boost your argument, they were acquired at a time where they worked with our cap situation. I want you to look at the contracts of each and every one of those players once they became a regular with the Oilers.. see the pattern?? 7 mill cap space vs 30 mill cap space.

There’s no substance behind your argument to make it valid. I showed my friends and a group chat including Leafs fans and they all think your argument is illogical, you’re delusional even and that you’re giving Leafs fans a bad rep. Also you can make an assumption that people don’t want to go to an intense and media hounded market like Toronto too and there’s evidence behind that argument, but we won’t go there son.
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 12:25 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NazemKadri43</b></div><div>Why would we sign him before the Seattle Expansion draft when we know he will sign with us during the offseason? Signing him now means that we would have to protect him as a UFA when we already know he's coming back and we could use his spot to protect someone else and keep Hyman at the same time. Let Seattle choose him, that's fine, but he won't sign with their team when he wants to end his career as a Leaf. There is a significant difference between Edmonton and Toronto. Players want to play for the Leafs, regardless if they are from Toronto or not, while players don't want to play for Edmonton (look at who you have as your depth pieces)

Look at TJ Brodie, John Tavares, Bogosian (offered more money with another team), Simmonds (offered more money by MTL), and now Nick Foligno. Foligno had the option to go to the Capitals, Avalanche, or VGK, but he decided that he wanted to play for the Leafs</div></div>

Loool “look who you have as depth pieces” buddy we had no cap space this year, why do you think we signed a bunch of players to 2 mill below, cmon man, we were constraint at the deadline too, like having 6 mill last off season compared to having 30 mill this upcoming offseason is a huge difference. Also like I said, Hyman is only an option that can be replaced if you’re so certain he would resign in TO, that’s just a weak argument overall.

Also not a very smart idea to unprotect him with the expansion draft, it gives the incentive that he’s not worthy enough to protect. If you look at almost everyone’s expansion draft simulators they’re protecting Hyman, you can’t just bet so heavily on a player like him. You’re quite possibly the only Leafs fan I’ve seen that wouldn’t protect him. Like we’re likely protected Nuge, he wants to be a long time Oiler, it’s close to home, he’s a UFA, hasn’t signed and we could let him go if he doesn’t budge, but we’re still protecting unless there’s no chance he signs.
Forum: Armchair-GMSun at 3:22 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NazemKadri43</b></div><div>First off, Edmonton is far from an attractive market than something like Toronto. If you haven't seen this video, then you have no idea what you're talking about. In the offseason, a GM asked about Zach Hyman and Dubas hanged up the phone right away. He will be a Leaf and take as much of a discount as he can to stay as a Leaf.
<div class="yt_out_cont"><div class="yt_cont"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/SKrfET3zzcw" frameborder="0"></iframe></div></div></div></div>

Hol hol up, riddle me this. If he’s gonna sign at such a discount as foretold, why hasn’t he resigned at the deadline?? he’s a UFA not an RFA, you wanna lock them up as soon as possible and if he was willing to take such a small amount why hasn’t it happened? Laughton, Lowry, Iaffalo, all UFA’s locked in and arguably took discounts for their team. Get your head out the gutter, there’s no other sentiment for him to wait till summer than trying to negotiate the value of a contract, maybe he wants to focus on games, but most of the time it’s both parties not being synced, if I was Dubas I’d try my hardest to get him out of the way now. So you don’t need to come at me with the “you have no idea what you’re talking about” snarky comment. Nuge has said numerous times he wants to end his career as an Oiler but still wants 7ish mill, we want to give him 6 mill. Just because someone says they want to be A Leaf doesn’t mean they’re gonna take a great discount in the prime of their career at 28 in quite possibly their last big value contract.
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