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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Propeller09</b></div><div>There is a reason I pointed out their development arcs.

as I said, nearly identical. It would have been very easy to say Hertl was going "down hill fast" after his 4th season of 22pts in 49 games.

Debrusk and Krejci were never a great line fit. One plays N/S and one plays E/W. Also, maybe because of Debrusk, but Smith found his game about half way through the season and Debrusk was long exiled by then. I am not sure how you would expect him to score goals playing with Kuraly or and banged up Coyle while on his off wing.

He also talked about how Covid and the isolation was tough on him. Easy to write off, but he has always been a player that needs a good mental mindset to play well. He is all confidence and he had none last year. If he was struggling with mental health issues, his game would surely be reflective.

Couple other things to keep in mind.
Krejci went from .65ppg before Hall arrived to 1.35 after. That is Hall, but it's also Krejci being engaged.
Debrusk shot 5.4% - His career before last season is 13.5%. There is no reason that should not bounce back. Last year being the anomaly. Kind like how Beleskey shot 8.6% for his career until his 15% season, then the Bruins paid him for his anomaly season.

In no world is Hertl a top 25 Center in the league.
in no particular order 1) Bergeron 2) sid 3) McDavid 4) Draisaitl 5) Mackinnon 6) Matthews 7) Tavres 8) Barkov 9) Coutourier 10) giroux 11) Kopitar 12) Point 13) Malkin 14) Seguin 15) Schiefele 16) Zibenjad
17) Lindholm 18) Eichel 19) Petersson 20) Horvat 21) Aho 22) Trocheck 23) Backstrom 24) Kunetsov 25) ROR 26) Barzal 27) PLD 28) Malkin

Then you have the next wave of kids who will be there - probably this year: Susuki, Zegras, Stutzle, Byfield, and about 10 others.</div></div>

Hertl over Lindholm, Horvat, Trocheck, and Kuznetsov. also almost none of these guys are on the block. who do you think Boston will try to get to be the second line center? Hertl is most defiantly better than Coyle. I thought y'all wanted a cup?
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