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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CaseyFlyman</b></div><div>Columbus wouldn't be the team to retain, since we historically haven't been that 3rd team. And honestly, I don't think it's realistic to ask a 3rd team to retain for two more years, unless you're sending at least a 2nd to a team that has to hit the cap floor, and has no aspirations of competing in the next 2 years. Since that's basically only Chicago, and possibly Anaheim or San Jose...it probably ups the price to a full first. Even retaining $1-1.5M for 2.5 seasons is a big ask, and I think finding a team to be that agent would be the biggest hangup on a trade.

(And no, teams can't just retain for one year of the multi-year deal...it's a percentage of the contract, and you're on the hook for the duration of the deal even if it's bought out for some reason, no takebacks).

The goalie market is definitely a buyer's market right now, but Calgary seems resolute in not retaining salary (even if it means they receive less). Neither of those situations favor Calgary. I don't envy Conroy...you either retain, take less, or just hold onto him. The first two scenarios: you lose. The second scenario: let's just way I doubt Markstrom stays top-4 in GSAx next season, his value is likely at a peak right now, so if you hold on you lose, and potentially block Wolf.

Calgary should have moved Markstrom when Carolina, NJ, Edmonton, and Toronto all desperately needed goaltending IMO. Timing is everything, you can't wait forever and expect to be able to make the right decision when you want to.</div></div>

Off a quick glance I thought you wrote a novel on us being cheap 😂
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