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If Lou Lamoriello is so dumb, how'd the Isles make it to the playoffs the past three years, and come within a hair's breadth of making it to the Stanely Cup Finals? And he's got multiple Stanley Cup wins to his name? And then got Pelech/Pulock to resign for about $12 million combined?

Lou extended Johnson because other teams wanted him, and the Isles like having an enforcer type around who can actually play a little. It's entirely about keeping depth intact, and also to prevent Johnson from being claimed on the waiver wire (or signed in the offseason) by one of their divisional rivals. The contract will be buried in the AHL, and even then, it's a bargain deal that makes sure the Isles never have to worry about getting an enforcer for 4 more years. That frees the Isles front office up to focus on the bigger picture.

Your trade is also not realistic- Varlamov should have been in the running for the Vezina last year (Grubauer's stats were entirely the result of the Avs offensive score effect/CORSI rating) and the Isles don't want to trade him unless they have to. Sorokin doesn't have a full year under his belt yet- down the line, Varly will likely be traded. If I was going to trade Varly it would be for at least a 1st rounder and a top-tier prospect. I'd also aim a lot higher than Will Butcher for LD2/3.

Lastly, I want nothing to do with Staal. He's a good player but why would the Isles sign him? They've got enough depth players- and are sending them to the AHL. If I'm the Isles and I want a forward, I'm looking at something Butch Goring level, who would transform the Isles into a true cup contender.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>Referencing teams being old as a bad thing and not using that same logic against the Islanders is pure homerism. The Islanders are one of the oldest teams in the league. How long before you multiple 30+ year olds with big term making 5 million a year take a step back? Crosby even with a step back is better than anyone on the Islanders roster. I think some of what you said is right and your team definitely has a good shot at a playoff spot. I think the Rangers will be much better as will Jersey and the rest of the division is either the same but older or worse and older. Carolina's defence and goaltending is rather suspect now. Washington, Pittsburgh and Philly all should still be decent though. How much better the Rangers and Jersey are over last year will say alot about how the division plays out. I don't see this division being as strong as most do. I think it will be a very even division since there aren't many teams beyond Columbus who I think will be downright bad but the parity will be strong which could result in everyone being close with no real front runner.

It's not like the Atlantic or the Central where there are 3 or 4 teams that are really good and them some bad ones to beat up on. It will be hard to predict the metro this season. The Pacific will be equally difficult but mainly because everyone other than Vegas is a bubble team in any other division so who knows what will happen.</div></div>

So, who's old on the Isles? Don't say "Andy Greene" because he's on a 1 year contract. Who's old? 4th line guys who are playing maybe 12 minutes a night? The actual core of the team's young (Barzal, Wahlstrom, Beauviller, Pageau, Pelech, Pulock, Dobson, Mayfield, Sorokin). Oh, and they also have Salo and Bolduc likely getting LD2/3 time this year.

Also- Oh no, I'm an Isles fan, I can't have an opinion! Whatsoever shall I do? I must defer to other teams/fans opinions, because I'm incapable of doing analysis, because reasons. Seriously, stop that ad homimen crap. I'm not going to bother to respond until you apologize for your homerism line. That was uncalled for, and unprofessional. Grow up.
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So a bunch of teams in the Metro made moves, but does sound and fury signify anything? Not really.

1. Carolina lost Hamilton and revamped their goaltending. Deangelo might work out for them but the odds are long. At best they've maintained their position, nothing more.
2. Rangers got some depth but they have almost zero scoring- Lafreniere, Kravtsov, and Kakko haven't done it yet- and their 3rd and 4th lines are tire fires of offensive production. Drury wants to out Islander the Islanders, but he doesn't have a Cizikas nor does he have a Pageau. I don't even think he has a Martin. And their defense is young but scoring a ton against Philly, Devils, and Sabres this past season is not going to work against quality teams.
3. The Flyers revamped their defense but I'm not sure it will work. I love the Ryan Ellis move but the Ristolainen move is terrible. And getting Martin Jones to backstop an Alain Vigneault team? AV still thinks he's the reason the Rangers were good years ago- King Henrik was why. Hart and Jones aren't the King.
4. Penguins- They lost McCann and Tanev, and Malkin's out for a few months. Crosby and Letang are older, and while I like Jeff Carter and Brock McGinn it's not enough. It's a team that's hoping Marino, Petterson, and Zohorna elevate their games. Oh, and Jarry's still in net. Josh Bailey says hi.
5. The Capitals are basically the same team from last year, except they lost Dillon and didn't really improve otherwise. What's Kuznetsov's condition going forwards? How healthy is Niklas Backstrom? They're getting older, and that's about it.
6. New Jersey had a good offseason but who's gonna score? I like Hischier, Hughes, and Sharangovich. Beyond that, who? Wood? Hamilton? They’re definitely better but I don’t know what that means.
7. The Blue Jackets look terrible but I think they might not be. They’ve got a new coach and they’ve gotten rid of all the pieces that don’t work (or didn’t want to be there). They do have a lot of young talent, we’ll see how it fits in. I don’t think they’re a playoff team but I do think they’ll be fun to watch.

So, where does that leave us? Isles’ aren’t done making their moves- you left out Parise and probably elevating Bolduc or Salo to LD2/3- and you overpaid Sorokin and didn’t bring back Cizikas. Are you trying to hamstring the team when it’s known that they’ve already resigned Cizikas and Parise? And they’re likely making a trade or two? Tell, me, who’s making the playoffs instead of the Isles, when the actual data shows that most of the Metro got worse this offseason?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Chooch</b></div><div>Weird - you're and Islanders fan... "The Blues should just take Lou's offer so we can then project Tarasenko on our first line". The Blues GM is just as stubborn as Lou, so good luck with that. The Rangers were never in on Tarasenko otherwise that trade would have happened with the Buchnevich trade.</div></div>

So because I'm an Isles fan that negates my viewpoint? Huh, I love ad homimens.

The Blues should trade Tarasenko because he wants out and they're stuck with $15 million on the cap. He's a massive risk for anyone to take on because of his shoulder surgeries- and no amount of wishcasting and sunk cost fallacy will make his value better. I'm not sure I WANT Tarasenko on the Isles; he's that much of a risk. I'd only want him if I can make him go away if he stinks next season, and at $7.5 million I'm not playing ball. If I was the Blues GM I'd take any rose-tinted glasses out of the equation and see how much the money I could get off the cap and replace it with useful pieces. Komarov is a useful player who's contract ends this coming season. It's a manageable cap hit, and you can flip him midseason if need be. Take on a 2nd tier prospect like Holmstrom or Bellows (who's fringe 1st tier, TBH) and a 2nd round pick. That gets you out of Tarasenko's contract for 2022-2023 and gets some value back. DO NOT go into negotiations thinking "well, he's still a 30 goal scorer." Until further notice, he's not. He's closer to Loui Eriksson than Stanley Cup Tarasenko right now.
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Sujet: guesses
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Chooch</b></div><div>I could be wrong but I really don't think the Blues want Bailey. He's a good player but Blues don't want him for 3 years. They want Tarasenko's money freed up for next year. They need to resign Parayko after this season - hoping he can get something similar to Pelech but fearful after seeing Nurse, Werenski, and Jones deals. The Blues also really want to make a play for M. Tkachuk eventually. Thinking the deal would be more like Komarov, Hickey, and then Blues actually get back decent player(s) Salo, Dobson, Bolduc, maybe Wilde (although don't really like his game) and maybe a 2nd. I also don't really consider Bellows to be that good since he's always one of the ones offered by Isles fans. Most of those that say Tarasenko is damaged goods, also seem to want him on their top line which is ironic...

The more this goes on, think Blues might make Tarasenko come back and prove his health/value. He hasn't had an off-season since the Blues won the cup and is apparently getting in really good shape. I think he'll score at least 30 next year. I also don't think he's damaged goods - think he's finally healthy.</div></div>

You hope Tarasenko's healthy. If it's true that his medicals scared off other teams, then that's a huge problem. Don't hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Also don't do sunk cost fallacy. And expecting him to be a 30 goal scorer after 3 shoulder surgeries isn't going to be easy. Plus, he doesn't want to be on the team and his contract is a lot of money. If the Devils and Rangers have dropped out, what other options do the Blues have to trade him? If it's a limited market the Blues should just bite the bullet and take the best return they can- and if they're up against Lou Lamoriello, prepare for pain (assuming the Isles are in the running).