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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>littlejerryseinfeld</b></div><div>domi's most common linemates were lehkonen, drouin, suzuki, armia and then byron and weal.</div></div>

Drouin was injured for most of the year, Byron too.....this is not a % based list. Armia and Suzuki were probably his most used linemates thoughout the year but that was not even for a majority portion of the year as it changed so many times it was no wonder he had an off season.. Suzuki only started playing bigger minutes towards the second half of the year only. Armia was probably Domi's most used linemate.

Now lets all be reminded of the fact that the Habs top line of Tatar/Danault/Gallagher stayed intact for most of the year with Danault having only 3 points more than Domi.........

If you add up all the non top 6 players playing time who played alongside Domi this year, they'd be close to if not equal to the top 6 players playing time. Drouin, Suzuki, Kovalchuk. The others were Armia, Lehkonen, Cousins, Weal and maybe a few shifts with Kotkaniemi. Why is this falling on Domi's shoulders? The two players Domi played with during his 72 point season BOTH had career years and were healthy for most of the season and the line stayed intact for MOST of that year.

44 points playing with 8 different players on his wing/as his center, half of which are not top 6 players, is astounding IMO. Domi's only valid criticism this year was his temper for taking bad penalties and his slightly lacklustre defensive play. Don't know how anyone can criticize his offensive game. He produced no worse than any other Habs forward.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JaredOfLondon</b></div><div>Yeah, i dont care about some things. I do care about others.
And I dont hate him, i enjoy calling out his "dumb inflammatory crap" for what it is. You're projecting all over the place here. <strong>And why should I have to block him when im simply looking to contribute to the community by pointing out the dumb inflammatory crap?</strong>
Is criticism the only thing that you guys are trying to knock down here? Not a continued series of posts that are purposefully terrible and universally panned that are here just so someone can get their internet jollies? No, these posts arnt simply "bad" they are thoughtfully awful, and horrifically justified.

As long as he makes dumb posts i will give them the credence they deserve.</div></div>

Because he's not breaking the rules by posting this. You are, by posting non constructive comments. That is why. Contributing to the community doesn't mean you can comment anything you want without consequences just like posters can't post any armchair GM they want without consequences either. Once again, Marner for a 7th is trolling. This is not that. If you feel the urge to comment, at least comment why its bad in a respectful manner.

You contribute to the community by posting constructive comments, not derogatory ones. If you think he posts bad content either block him or post something constructive. Or don't post. Whatever floats your boat but it has to be within the rules.
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