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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jay27</b></div><div>Idk, Stammer is great and all but I just don’t think it’s a great idea to go out and spend 10.5 a year for the next 3 years on a guy who’s 34 years old. Also I know +\~ is an archaic stat and all but has anyone else noticed that he is a ~21 on a team that has a +25 goal differential?</div></div>

He's not what he used to be and that's fine. His value is his experience and leadership more than his scoring even though that's still pretty good. He's going to teach the young group how to win and what it takes to be excellent instead of just good. This is a young team about to get younger once some other vets leave and we're going to need that "guy" that everyone in the room respects, including Suzuki. They need someone to look up to whose been there and done that and Stammer would be the absolute best chance we have at someone like that. And frankly, the only reason we'd have even a slight chance at him is because of MSL.

Yes the Habs could use a legit weapon like Reinhart or whatever but truthfully we aint going to get anyone in their prime. But I think captain, cup winner, megastar, even at his age would do wonders for the core of this group which will be the ones that lead us to the promise land if we do.

Plus all the best options for the Habs are guys who are going to want long term contracts. If Habs draft a forward this year, we'll be absolutely stacked up front for the next decade almost. We need guys for the now and short term only. Since cap space is not an issue, we can afford to go high on a short term deal for a guy like Stammer. By the time we really need cap space, he'll be gone.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jonh514</b></div><div>I don't disagree with you on UFA, but every time I suggest bringing in players like Monahan, Toffoli, Marchessault, Reinhart, or even trading before the TDL for Hertl, I get tons of pushback from the same crowd complaining that those players will become an albatross before their contract is up.

Essentially the fans around here only value young players, and only if you can trade for them by offering a bunch of Bs and Cs for an A+ and then severely underpay the player.

Like Harris, Armia, and WPG's 1st for Boldy is ever gonna freaking happen?! You need to give something to get something. You always need to manage your risk, but sometimes risks pay off. Dach &amp; Newhook deals were risks. They are working out (ish). I think PLD could work out too. I don't believe that he's a Prima Donna, if I did I would not trade for him.

<strong>I think you are wrong about them being a bottom feeder team next year. They will make moves this offseason and push for the playoffs.</strong></div></div>

Ya I meant to say, assuming they don't do anything major of note, they wont be a playoff team again next year. I agree they won't be a bottom feeder next year. Frankly they wouldn't have been a bottom feeder this year if it weren't for Dach's injury.

Regardless, Im all for going to get solid talent through trade, just not for PLD. But I also think unless they win the lottery, Im all for them staying the course with a slow and steady progression too.
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