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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wreckless</b></div><div>Quarantine is 7 days following a trade. Where are you getting 1/4 of a season? Typically 3 games out of 56, so ~ 1/20. Mete and a 4th is a strawman.

Do you think my proposal would be “full value”? I’d argue it’s an overpay, but I would still do it cuz I’d argue it would make us better both now and in the future.</div></div>

I just watched Eric Engels break down the quarantine period on the SDPN and he says its 14 days and thats once he enters the country. Games are being played every other day. Maybe 1/4 isnt exact but its not far off.


Youll have to select the time stamp where they interview Eric specifically.

As for the proposal, i think its way too much. Its equivalent to more than paying the max offer sheet compensation IMO. Which I use as a rule of thumb. No player should be worth more than four 1st rounders except for generational talents UNLESS your desperate. Habs arent desperate.

I dont think there is a deal to be made this year frankly. Thats why i mentioned its better for CLB to be patient. Theyll have way more teams interested when they'll have more cap to play with. Plus the Seattle expansion may help as well.

For sure though, taking cap implications out of the situation, KK+prospect+1st is fair. In season, you got to start adding players to offset salary and cap which just makes a deal of this magnitude very hard.

Either way its all presumptive. If someone offers CLB a silly package now, my point is moot. If they get a better offer in the off season, then its valid. Theres really no way to know for sure. Only guesses.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 3:09 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wreckless</b></div><div>Walk me through your thinking as to why Bergevin wouldn’t give fair value in trade right now. Also, what trade proposal do you think would represent fair market value?</div></div>

What is the need? The player wants out of Columbus, Habs are already solid down the middle already, they dont have cap to just add a player, trading players now means losing 1/4 of the season of their production due to covid protocols. Not to mention 1/4 of the season of the players theyre losing in the trade too. Habs still have to make the playoffs also. 1/4 of the season could make or break your chances in this division this year.

PLD is under contract. He has no choice but to play for CLB. Columbus controls his destiny 100%. No need to rush a deal here. As it is right now, there are so many factors that detract from Columbus maximizing value and other teams willingness to overspend.

PLD could score 5 goals all year and would still be very desired. Its not going anywhere. Hes vowed to be a good teammate so there shouldn't be any friction from that standpoint. My sole concern is Torts ego getting the better of him. If im Jarmo, id shut that down asap because it makes Jarmos job even harder. Torts should want a smooth transition also so its in his best interest.

As for "full value", its subjective. My full value might differ from yours. In my head, full value is equivalent to offer sheeting him at max compensation. As it stands right now, because Columbus is being forced to trade an asset they wouldnt normally, they've lost some negotiating power and all teams know this and hence will not give full value.

If Jarmo doesnt like it, he can choose to keep PLD but that means keeping a player that openly doesnt want to play there and the media circus that comes with it.

And just to clarify because ppl on here like to exaggerate, i do not mean that Dubois for Mete and a 4th would be fair now. CLB will still net a very nice return, just not "full value".
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 7:02 pm