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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jpsnow13</b></div><div>O.913 is mediocre? I mean Florida isn't known for their thight defensive system neither.

Pros for MTL:
-Getting rid of a boat load of LTIR money, at least for a couple of years.
-Getting a proven number one who can play 50+ games which they don't have.
- Solifify the team's defense to help the prospects to develop in an environment where they are not destroyed every game. (People are hyped rn but it's gonna get ugly real quick like last season).</div></div>

He's making <strong>10 million dollars</strong> a year though. Yes 0.913 is mediocre and even if that is considered good, that is on a Florida team that was very good last year despite not being a defensive stalwart. Playing in the offensive zone all the time is just as good as playing good in the defensive zone more often. He's going to have a bunch of rookies and #3-5 dmen in front of him. He could just end up being a healthy 10M sub .900 goalie. Why take such a huge unnecessary risk?

Want to get a better goalie for the youngsters? Get a better goalie than Allen that doesn't cost a fortune. Problem solved. Varlamov is probably available and next year get someone in free agency if need be. Jarry maybe.

-LTIR money is better to have than that of equal money in bad cap thats healthy. Give me a LTIR Price over a healthy Bobrovsky any day of the week. Price im sure has more value right now than Bobrovsky, assuming Price stays LTIRetired. (Which I think he is and everyone knows now)

-Also Allen is no slouch here and the difference between Bobrovsky and Allen isn't so great that it lends to Guhle becoming a #1 vs a #3. Allen doesn't cost a fortune and is a good enough goalie for what the team needs for now. Once the rebuild is over, they can go and get a high priced goalie if they want but not now.

If they were trying to actually make the playoffs this year and maybe go for it a little, then maybe but right now, zero sense. The slight improvement in goals against is probably going to be detrimental to the Habs draft position too. All that to hopefully give Guhle and company a better development? That's a huge unnecessary risk IMO.
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Overall, I agree with a lot of this. Good job! Yeah sure every single fan on here is going to say no, because that's what they do but the truth is you looked at it from the actual current GM's perspective, which should be the point. Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion but at the end of the day, they're opinion is not what will make a trade happen or not.

Just for the trades, I think the Toronto one probably doesn't happen. I think there will be enough interest in Kerfoot to make that happen eventually and should be enough to get them compliant. Leafs fans may be disappointed in the return however. Teams have little need to pay a premium right now and the Leafs are the ones desperate. The Dadanov/Monahan/Drouin deals all seem fair to me. Their values will go up or down based on their play this year so it really depends solely on that so its really just a baseline guess that they all have average seasons, 30-40 point ranges. The Anderson one is tougher to predict and especially to who but I'll say this, I do think a 1st rounder makes sense but I think you can remove the other assets in the deal and replace with a cap dump to offset some cap, maybe like a Tatar or something. Habs fans may not like that and non Habs fans may not think he's worth it regardless but as you said, actual GM's do value him and if the need arises for a very specific need that Anderson brings, it can definitely happen. There will be teams interested in him no matter the analytics, ppl need to realize that even if you don't agree with it. Maybe NJ, maybe not but someone will be and that's not just wishful thinking.