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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tkecanuck341</b></div><div>The Kings added a lot of quality players to the lineup this season, most notably Danault (team MVP) and Arvidsson. Their ragtag defense is arguably the reason why they lost to Edmonton in 7 games instead of to Calgary or Colorado in the playoffs. Bjornfot struggled to keep up with McDavid during the series and was benched because of it. Walker's skating is his strength, and he would have been one of the only defensemen on the Kings capable of keeping up with him.

For a quality right-handed defenseman, a 2nd or 3rd is absolutely scraps. If a player like Chiarot can return a 1st as a rental, Walker can return a late first, or at least two 2nds, considering he has two years left on his deal at a team-friendly cap hit. Trading him now would be selling low due to the uncertainty surrounding his injury, similar to if St. Louis had traded Tarasenko for a 2nd last summer.

Let him play the season and show that he's still the same defenseman he was before he got injured. Then trade him for a quality return next summer if you still need the cap space.</div></div>
Yea agree for the most part. I love Bjornfot but he was really bad after his injury. I think he rushed back too early. Also game 7 the offense got shutout and looked probably worse than the defense. The ragtag defense dragged them into the playoffs and into game 7 where they only gave up 1! The second goal the entire team just gave up on the play. Mostly Durzi. But a very bizarre play.
If Walker can play well on the left and stay healthy there would be no reason to trade him really. Kirsanov may be up next as Walkers contract ends.
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