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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>This is not my post, but I thought I'd address your questions / comments just for fun.

Agree with all of the above.

Agree, but it's possible Marody could be that guy. He's 52, 19-39-58 +30 in the AHL this year as a 22-year-old, he could easily translate to an NHL 3C in 2 years. I think the consensus opinion is that his skating needs to improve over the summer and he'll be an NHL regular next fall, so since this mock is two years out I don't think it's an unrealistic expectation.

The NHL depth chart isn't great today, but the pipeline is pretty full at RW.
- Puljujarvi has been playing injured, so we'll see what happens next fall, but he's a supremely talented young man and just 20 years old still.
- Yamamoto is also just 20, and while injuries and NHL time have cut into his development this year, he's still scoring above the level of most of his peer group. With a full year of development next year he will be ready to make an impact at the NHL level by 2020-21 for sure.
- Maksimov, a 19-year-old currently in the OHL, scored 63, 40-39-79 +38 this year even though he took on a more defensive role this year. He volunteered to play on the PK this year and did very well, he plays a complete 200-foot game and still scores 40 goals. NHLE: 82, 17-16-33. By 2020-21 he'll be a keeper.
- Kassian may not be a 1st line talent, but his skillset fits well there, just like Maroon's did and Tom Wilson in Washington. The great thing about Kass is he can play up and down the lineup and compliment the talent. The mock above has him on the 4th line so I'm not sure why you're making this comment?
- Draisaitl is at RW above, and he's a top-10 player in the league right now.

That's potentially a pretty solid set of wingers.

There's talk about it going up to $83 - 83.5M next year, so $85M is a conservative estimate for 2020-21.</div></div>

Well, if Marody is all that, that´s great! But the problem is, you can´t have a just "waiting year", becuase the talents need to taste NHL quality of the rooster, and compete.
They need a 3C and a LW winger on two years, and a RW on one year NOW.

But if the cap goes up to 85m$, that solves a lot of problems...
BUt probably should buy out Russel, or trade Sekera in one year, when Caleb Jones, Lagesson. Bear and Bouchard is in competing for spots for real.

That LW today,... horrible.
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Nice try, but the proble is that NOBODY need Lucic, nobody wants Lucic. And defenitly not in a four years span. Edmonton is probably locked in to keep him in two more years, THEN trade him in a 50% retained + draftpick deal (the best), or a another bad contract-but I don´t want that for Edmonton. How much is FLorida paying in the end?? I can see Katz put up the money, because he needs to, for keeping the team competitive an McDavid happy, and Lucic is clogging the team up,

I´ve have done soe Edmonton tries, and I had also Jarnmark in my mind, somehow I think he brings stuff Edmonton needs.
And in many armchair GM tries, I see that Benning is the odd man out, and Brown is coming in, but that trade in itself is not wanted by Leaf fans.
I think Benning is a good player when paired with a veteran or Klefbom.

And I don´t think they should put the pressure on a young rookie like Benson to put him up in the top 6, It´s time to create a more healthy culture, fight and earn your spot. But of course, you need to have depth to make that possible... Os it´s a bad circle.. But put Benson on the 4th, to begin with, and let him work himself up.

So talking about that, I think Edmonton needs a 3C (veteran or not, somehow 2 way responsible, and have a hockeybrain), then two middle costly wingers to create a depth in the lines.
Maybe armchair GMs should GM Edmonton? That would meant bringing in Connor Brown, in almost every case, bringing Benning out, and may armchair GMs also like to bring in J.Donskoi, B,, Connoky and sometimes Kapanen.

Maybe a big trade involving Kapanen + Brown for Benning + prospect (maybe Bear, we already have Bouchard) ?

THe annoying thing is that Kicking out Lucic contract in itself would solve 85% of all problems, but at the same time, it´s probably the second worst contract in the leauge (Seabrook only worse), and almost impossible to trade, ´cause the team taking him can´t buy him out - it´s to expensive.

Wow, Was Chiarelli ever bad AND stupid.