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Forum: Armchair-GM28 août 2022 à 16 h 5
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>A very lively conversation over a second round pick.
One would not expect to generate this much banter if the post was McDavid for Matthews.
last year Okposo's 21 Goals, 45 pts, 104:24 min SH TOI and 16:47 TOI/gm ranked, 24th, 29th, 12th and 38th in the NHL last year, among all RW's.
Let's see 32 teams, 32 RW, unless there is a different counting system all those appear to be top line statistics.
His primary line mates were Girgensons, Eakin, Caggiula, Asplund, Murray, so I guess he was a fourth liner.
So what is the value of a RHD whose offensive output ranks him as a top liner but his team mates are fourth liners.
Please take your best shot to convince me a second and a 23 yo LHD with 82 NHL games played is an over pay!

Okposo kept his family in St. Paul, MN nine years he played on the Island, once traded to Buffalo he move his family.
One may have to drag his body out of Buffalo only after he is as cold as the clay.
The trade would only be made if Kyle accepted it at the TDL.</div></div>

I agree with your assessment.
One note is that there aren't a lot of players listed as RWs as more players are listed as primarily centers or left wings, so his stats are more likely 2nd line than top line.
I think Valimaki's value is underrated, he's still a recent first round pick with a lot of upside who should be able to make Buffalo's roster.

A lot of people have pointed out that Okposo is a leader and potential captain for the Sabres, and I could see them keeping him for that reason.
Like you said, the choice is mainly his, whether he wants to stay as a veteran leader or leave to pursue the Cup. If it's the latter, the trade makes a lot of sense for both teams.
Forum: Armchair-GM22 août 2022 à 15 h 50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>The strategy is not merely harmful, it's based upon a false premise, which is that Nyquist is an improvement on Moore. That view is dubious as to offense, and ridiculous as to defense. Moore is an excellent two-way player and tied for the league lead in shorthanded goals last season, which only happens when you spend a lot of time on the penalty kill. No one has ever accused Nyquist of having any defensive ability at all.

Merely measuring Nyquist vs Moore (and adding him, which would require returning TWO young forwards to Ontario instead of one) makes this plan bad. However, since it requires discarding Matt Roy, the plan becomes downright terrible. Los Angeles is cap compliant now. Adding Nyquist and thereby becoming non-compliant is both myopic and absurd. It would be like your team adding 24-goal-scorer James van Riemsdyk for one year and then having to trade away Neal Pionk as a cap casualty.</div></div>

I see what you're saying. Nyquist has better production than Moore, but I didn't realize that he's bad defensively. As for Roy, I guess he's an underrated defensive Dman, because Kings fans seem to value him pretty highly but I haven't heard much about him from other sources.
Say the Kings did get Nyquist at the deadline, because I think they need another forward (if they can make the cap work), in order to go further in the playoffs. Would you still be opposed if Walker was traded to make room instead of Roy? Would getting a 50-pt scorer in Nyquist at 50% retained still be a worthwhile add? If he's really that bad defensively you can play him on the 3rd line instead and he could add some scoring. I would also suggest that if he's subpar, maybe putting him with an elite 2-way player in Danault would be a good idea.
Or does Nyquist just not work at all and you would rather add someone else or not add at all?
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