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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheBoyDuddus</b></div><div>Depends on the teams and needs but there's no reason Tierney cant yield a mid round pick with money retained. Josh Brown was just traded for a 4th a year and a half ago and although he hasnt been great, hes been what was expected. No reason he cant fetch a late round pick either. Forsberg's been great (other than literally the last 15 minutes) and if someone needed cheap goaltending depth im sure he could get a late round pick too.

None of them are players that would be on the waiver wire but we've certainly seen worse players picked up even as recently as yesterday.</div></div>

I guess as a rental (and Ottawa eating half) might get you something. But I just don’t see it. He can’t even be a solid center to the point that Ottawa keeps forcing Paul and Timmy to play the position. With white and pinto out you would think tierney would have solidify himself as the number 2 center. He has been inconsistent for two seasons now so don’t see anyone taking him when they can find similar options options for a lower price and cap hit. So might get a fourth,

The josh brown acquisition was mind boggling at the time to me. But the it turns out that was a DJ smith guy from junior. I don’t see any other gm or coach wanting him when you look at the player and what he brings in. Fans want to punt this guy to the minors. The only reason why he’s still in the nhl is due to the profound love DJ has for him. Won’t even get claimed off waivers. Sorry but won’t change my mind on him.

The goalie market is weird. Honestly he could go through waivers or fetch you a third. I won’t even speculate on that one. That’s really gonna depend on teams injuries/ needs at the time.

The hit on Mete is consistency. He isn’t even in Ottawa’s top six if everyone is healthy, so doubt a contender would want him. Maybe a waiver claim

That’s just my opinion but in the end, that doesn’t even matter, everyone thinks and sees things differently.
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