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5 mars 2021
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dom1422</b></div><div>You might be right. The way Lebrun reports it though makes it seem like if Mtl makes Price available that Colorado and Edmonton would have serious interest. He makes it seem like Price especially with $ retained would have positive value not negative value. As far as the return I posted Girard would need to be involved to make the money work long term. Both have 4 years left and after the retention the difference between the two would be 2.87 mill. Considering Colorado without Price would have to use that 2.87 mill on a goalie anyway the cap matches up. But also Girard becomes expendable with the emergence of Byram. And I would also say people overrate Girard to an extent. He’s a great offensive Dman, but he has shown struggles in the playoffs. I also don’t think he would ever be a top 2 D on a contender. I view him more as a #3 D. But you could be right that if this were the frame work of a deal the Habs would have to add assets to move Price. It’s tough to tell what teams truly think of him. On one hand he has struggled in the regular season, but we can look at his mental state with substance abuse as the potential reason so if he comes back and shows he’s back to himself that would make a huge difference in his value. But if that doesn’t happen what is his value to a team that’s trying to win a cup? A great team can survive with a average goalie in the regular season, Price might be the most guaranteed route to a cup in the playoffs for a team like Colorado and that is the ultimate goal. Even before the long term outlook of the cap. The window doesn’t stay open forever and GM’s/presidents don’t have their job forever. I will say though that the Oilers with Holland as GM seem like a team more likely to do this if they can somehow make it work under the cap.</div></div>

See how nice it is when we get along? LOL

I agree, both EDM and COL need a 1A. In ordr for it to work for COL, they need a 1B to cover regular seasons games. And Byrum makes Girard expendable most definitely. I thin that was expected by COL as early as last year (as long as Byrum can stay healthy). Girard is definitely overrated in his own end.

The base of this deal is definitely a starting point, just needs some tweaking
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