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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MANX</b></div><div>ARZ not taking on $10 million for aging Petry, Dvorak who they already traded and getting a former 2nd round dman? for their 1st. Pass.</div></div>

I just want to know why so many people on this site think the Habs are gonna get huge returns for cap dumps.
They have some talented players. Unfortunately Bergevin did a horrible job putting this team together and handed out some bad contracts.

Players Habs are looking to move:
Anderson - valuable piece when he's healthy, but nobody is paying that high a price
Dvorak - decent piece, but nobody is paying a high price
Hoffman - garbage one dimensional player - there's a reason no team in the league would give him more than a one year deal
Petry - overpaid on a long term contract
Gallagher - overpaid for previous service and for WAY too long, esp with his inury history
Price - Love him to death, but once again paid for previous service and may never play another full season again
Armia - terrible contract for a 4th liner who had 1 good year
Allen - injury prone and play fell off significantly last year

None of these guys or a combination of these guys is going to pull the Habs the 2OA or 3OA.
It's a write off year for the Habs, they need to bank on guys playing really well for the first part of the year and then trying to get valuable returns for them

Just my opinion, but it gets tiring seeing people trying to dump these contact on other teams for a way overvalued price. Some of these guys could do really well on another team, but it's not going to be for high returns.