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Forum: Mock-DraftHier à 11 h 44
As a Habs fan, will all due respect, Slafkovsky at first overall is such a horrible take.

1) Most of the hype around him are based on his size and his performance at the Olympics. Drafting a big winger based solely on recency bias over the projected first overall pick, who happens to be good at everything and who is over 6'0, is absolute insanity. At number 3-5? Sure, I'd definitely look at him, he's still great... but taking him over Cooley and Wright is crazy imo. Heck, I'd low key probably look at Nemec and Jiricek over him ngl. I know development is a big factor, but, low key, drafting big forwards that high based on recency bias alone hasn't proven to be that successful recently either tbh (just look at some of the underperforming risers in recent years: Kotkaniemi, Kravstov, Kakko).
2) Even if Slafkosvky was that solidified top 2 pick, Montreal should definitely go for the incredibly intelligent center who happens to be much more well rounded and amazing defensively/at shooting. Yes, a Slafkovsky-Suzuki-Caufield line would be magic, but I'd rather have two great lines. Additionally, Caufield and Suzuki aren't even that good of a duo on 5v5 tbh (just look at the analytics and whatnot). I think Wright-Caufield and Suzuki-Roy (?) would be great bases for a future, deadly top 6.
3) I promise you the only Hab fans who actually want Slafkovsky at first overall are either incredibly blinded by recency bias or have a boomer mentality (aka same people that think Anderson and Edmundson are basically Kreider and Hedman lmao). Everyone with at least 1/2 of a braincell in the Habs fanbase prefers Wright over Slafkovsky lmao.
4) No way the Habs are gonna go off the board when they're hosting the draft, especially since Wright is super maketable as a future franchise center.

I coudl go on for hours but you get the point lmao. Doesn't matter anyway because we all know the Habs are taking Wright anyway. I honestly respect the effort you put into this mock anyway so props.
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