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1) with berg gone next year he should not be making decision on the future of the club at all.
2) KK was worth 2.8 at the top end. He is a 4th liner in Carolina and we tried to hide him in the playoffs he should have never been picked in the first place he was top ranked at 10th.
3) Danault and Dvorak have very similar stats this year except for the -15 difference in +/- but that has a lot to do with our ****ty defense. Dvorak is younger and cheaper. When Danault was up for negotiations and rumors of what he was offered people were calling for him to just leave he isn't worth it. When MTL was looking to trade for Dvorak and the offers were being speculated , what was actually paid was deemed not enough to get him. People seem to think they know or have opinions but quickly start taking a different side when things happen. Not we should have kept danault and Dvorak wasnt worth what the habs paid for him. You can't have it both ways.
4) chariot is not worth a early - mid 1st in my mind, but Edmonton has the potential to go very far in the playoffs Chiarot retained however is worth a late 1st if not more. Lavoie is a good prospect, inconsistent, poor defensively and plays the wrong wing for the habs, he is a project with upside. The habs might need to add to the trade but its close.

Offseason for the habs
Dvorak = Danault
Hoffman > tatar
KK (no replacement) Need to have a player to play 3c/2c
savard + Wideman does not equal Weber bad additions
perrault bad addition
paquette bad addition
sam montebault bad addition
Sami Niku good potential ( if rebuilding) don't mind the addition

No price
No edmonson
No byron

team would and could be be better